Please excuse us for the weird title, but there's just no way to summarize all of the changes we have made over the last days.

A fellow user of our forums -akula65- has preserved hundreds of megabytes of mods, missions, articles, music, images and more. He has decided to share all of these files with us and now we're there.

The complete list of things we've added is massive. Read on to see it.

- an unofficial Geographic SDK - you can create your own worlds with it and populate them with planets, ships and more
- I-War 2 Complete Soundtrack
- Edge of Chaos Screensavers - imho most of them look really neat, even today
- Patch F12 - not that useful, but it's history.
- Lights & Sound Enhancement Mod
- I-War 2 Wallpapers - the old ones
- Syn MP3 Player - the mod version without UniGUI
- BUDA5 INI Files
BUDA5 Ship Pack
- BUDA5 Ingame - the complete 205MB installer that turns I-War 2 into a B5 game instantly.
- BUDA5 Mission Collection 2003
- Buda5 Christmas 2003 scenario
- AI-to-PlayerShips - a pre-F14.6 mod. Adds a bunch of ships into the game.
- I-War 2 Slideshow Preview
- Unstable Space Alpha 11.5
- I-War Art and Concepts

Controller profiles:
- Thrustmaster TopGun Afterburner II
- Gravis Xterminator (Dual Control)
- Saitek X36 Profile by Neil Charlesworth
- Saitek X36 Profiles by Martin Linford
- Saitek X36/X35T combo (gameport version)
- Logitech Wingman + Pedals
- Logitech Wingman Extreme
- Logitech Wingman Force 3D

Additionally, a new I-War / Defiance Modding section has been opened up with some articles:

  • Free Exploration Mode
  • Message Board Questions
  • Vurt's Briefing Reference
  • Vurt's Dialogue Reference
  • Indie's Mission Scripting Tutorial
  • Command line switches
  • Scripts & Tricks by The Infinity

We've also opened up a new section "Other" under the Documents, where we put everything else that is somehow related to I-War:


  • Interview with Glyn Williams
  • Particle Systems Interview
  • Q&A with Particle Systems
  • Interview with Chris Mann
  • Michael Powell Interview


  • PC Gamer / June 2001
  • Adrenaline Vault - EoC Preview
  • Gamesdomain - EoC Preview
  • Gamesdomain - EoC Review
  • PC Format 124 - Review
  • gameON - EoC Review


  • PC Gamer Ad
  • Space-Sim Interview Transcript
  • FoamBrick's I-War FAQ
  • I-War Combat Guide


Have fun! :-)


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