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Saitek X36/X35T combo (gameport vers Saitek X36/X35T combo (gameport version) HOT

here is my control config files for the Saitek X36/X35T combo (gameport version)
along with a modified Edge of Chaos keyboard mapping file, description follows:

modifications to EoC Keyboard config file:

- starmap: m key
- log, [ key
- engineering: ; key
- stats: v
- objectives: o

- Thruster up and down respectively mapped on G and B
- Roll left/right mapped on H and K.

- HUD selection keys move from arrows to numpad 4,6,8 and 2 keys (to move around in external view mode use mouse).

- Toggle Roll/Yaw: shift K

Saitek Config mappings:

Flight Stick (X36):
Launch - Targetting assistant on/off
Button A - Primary weapons cycling
Button B - defilement des missiles (+ mines, etc)

Hat 1 (below Button A and B) - Contacts (with mode M1 and M2)
Up - Previous contact
Down - Next contact
Left - Select nearest hostile contact
Right - Toggle fire mode

Hat 1 - (below Button A and B) - Combat Contacts (with mode M3)
Up - Cycle hostile contacts
Down - Select last aggressor contact
Left - Select nearest hostile contact
Right - Toggle fire mode

Hat 2 - (located left of Button A) Wingmen commands
Up - Attack my target
Down - Protect me
Left - Dock to selected target
Right - Protect target

Button C - Select target closest to HUD reticle center, cycle selected target sub-systems when in range, tag/untag cargo pods.
Trigger - Fire selected weapon
Pinkie - map lateral thrusters (up/down/left/right) to flight stick (sometime get stuck, press the Alt Gr (or right Alt) key disable it again.

Throttle (X35T):
Throttle - set normal/LDS speed
Rudder - roll left/right
Button D - Imaging module on/off
Aux Switch -
move to left : attached T-fighters fire at will
move to center: attached T-fighters cease fire
move to right : attached T-fighers attack currently selected contact
Hat -
- left/right: lateral thrusters
- up/down: forward/backward thrust override
Throttle mouse button - Nav assist on/off
Throttle mouse stick - only 3 direction mapped on Wingmen Report, Wingmen Stop and Launch/Dock order for fighters
Wheel 1 (on right side of throttle) - TRI settings,
- roll forward : Max power to Offense
- roll to center: Balance TRI
- roll backward : Max power to Propultion

Install instructions:

You must have a 3 axis, 4 buttons joystick declared in Windows Game Controllers.

1 put the SaitekX36_35_GP.ini file in the configs folder inside Edge of Chaos install folder.
2 Import the Saitek config files from the Saitek Launcher app
3 Select the "Edge of Chaos IW2" profile in the Saitek Launcher app
4 Press the Launch button on flightstick to activate it.
5 Launch game.

the first time entering after installing this config, go to the Options/Commands/Command Style menus
and select the command style named "Saitek X36/X35T combo Gameport".

Everafter, repeat step 3, 4 each time you relaunch the game.

That's it.

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