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Thrustmaster TopGun Afterburne Thrustmaster TopGun Afterburner II HOT

Here's a config file for the Thrustmaster TopGun Afterburner II. I've added
a shift function using button 8 so you can:

manage the TRI using the hat switch

target using joystick buttons 1-4

Override thrusters (side slip) using throttle buttons 5-6

Also Added a Toggle to button 4 so you can toggle between Primary and Secondary weapons.

Fab game!

Note - To get the Afterburner II to map correctly, don't point it at IndependenceWar.exe. See below for the correct address.

"Q. My joystick profiler / voice recognition software doesn't work with the game. How can I fix this?

A. If your joystick profiler / voice recognition software requires you to specify the location of the game's executable file, then you will need to point the software to this file to get the software to work correctly with the game:

Install Folder/bin/release/loader.exe"


Elliot Kingdon

"Turn off, stay in, settle down"


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