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Independence War 2 : Edge of Chaos


Saitek X36 Profile By Neil Charlesworth




  1. Unzip to a temporary directory
  2. In Windows Explorer navigate to My ComputerSaitek Gaming Extensions
  3. Open the ‘Import Game Wizard’
  4. Browse to the temporary directory where you extraced the profile and open.
  5. When prompted, navigate to your ‘EdgeOfChaos.exe’ File in the directory where you installed Edge Of Chaos and open (If you skip this step the profile will not be activated when you start Edge of Chaos unless you installed it in the same place I did which knowing me is highly unlikely)




Every available keyboard command has been mapped into the command list. This will make it easy for you to change the existing profile to suit yourself. Many of the commands in the list are not mapped to buttons on the joystick. These are commands I rarely use, or at least use only in situations where I don’t mind taking my hands off the controls. Notably missing from the mapping are the wingman commands for which I prefer to use the keyboard. Feel free to play with the commands and remap them to suit your own playing style.


The commands have been renamed to facilitate easy mapping. The letters in caps before the command names are categories. This is a habit of mine to keep related command together in the command list so they are easier to find when you’re remapping. (Some profiles I’ve seen for various games have about twenty unrelated commands starting with ‘Toggle…’)


The command list categories are:

FLT – Flight Controls

TGT – Target and Contact List management

WEPS – Weapon modes and firing

AUTOPLT – Autopilot modes

TRI – TRI Power Management

VIEW – erm…View controls

TRT FTR – Turret Fighter Commands

WING – Wingman Commands

GAME – Shell and menus

MISC – Anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else


Hat 1 and Button A have been left at their defaults for the menus.


In broad terms the mapping is as follows:


Hat 2 – Autopilot

Throttle Hat – Power Management

Mouse stick and button – Contact and Target Management

Throttle button – Lateral Thrusters

Pinkie Switch – Flight Assist Override

Other Stick Buttons – Weapons


Unsused are the mode switch (I always find myself in the wrong mode at the wrong time!) and the rotaries.


As for distribution, if you distribute this mapping, or a mapping based on this command list it would be nice to get the credit for it. On the other hand, its just a joystick file not War and Peace. Im not going to send the boys round if I see it on a website and my name isnt on it.


For more help with your Saitek X36 go to Special thanks to Ron Hunt for this excellent site.


Note on the original Independence War and the X36

Many people including myself have had difficulty with using a Saitek X36 contoller in Independence War and Defiance in which the ship rolls and thrusts constantly. The solution to this problem is to download the CTFJ (Centre The …erm..Freakin’ Joystick) utility by Bob Church from his site Simply run the utility before starting IW and the problem will disappear. This fix works for other software too. In addition to CTFJ, Bob has written a utility which will allow you to use external rudder pedals with the X36 which is also available for download.


Neil S Charlesworth

November 2001


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