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I-War 2 Complete Soundt I-War 2 Complete Soundtrack HOT

This archive contains 13 MP3's in 128kbps quality that were once available on the Infogrames FTP for download.

It looks like this is the full soundtrack that was given out by the artist to Particle Systems before the actual release of the game.

This archive also contains samples of the music in Independence War that were available on Christopher Mann's website (96kbps).

And there's an alternate version of the "Badlands" music in it, that was once posted on the Atari forums.

Also, a rip of the trailer music has been put in there, which makes this collection super-complete.

A note on why the music is different (by akula65):

The interesting thing about the MP3s is that they don't correspond exactly to the MP3s that come with the game. If I remember correctly, they have a higher bit-rate for one thing. But some are also different mixes and some may actually be unused music from the game. Here is the correspondence as best as I could make it out:

Track01.mp3 a1_theme.mp3

Track02.mp3 badlands.mp3

Track03.mp3 a2_?

Track04.mp3 a2_ambient.mp3

Track05.mp3 a4_discovery.mp3

Track06.mp3 a1_tension.mp3

Track07.mp3 a2_theme.mp3

Track08.mp3 a1_action.mp3

Track09.mp3 a4_?

Track10.mp3 a4_tension.mp3

Track11.mp3 a4_action.mp3 (remix)

Track12.mp3 ?

Track13.mp3 a1_ambient.mp3

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Some of this wasn't actually used in the game. This is a boon for me, as I can use these in my mod for a fresh feel, while still being authentically I-War2. Until then, this is very fun to listen to. :-)

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