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This bunch includes no less than 23 of the best Edge of Chaos ships available for the player the fly! (All of these ships replace the command section in single player game.)
- Advanced Patcom (with normal Command Unit)
- Corporate Interceptor
- Cutter Corvette (Marauder Corvette)
- Dreadnaught Corvette (Yeah! The ultimate classic!)
- Drone (hum, why not?)
- Flitter (unarmed)
- Interfacer (unarmed)
- LOR Platform
- Marauder Fighter
- Tariq Patcom (there've been some custom I-War 1 missions with these, but great to fly in EoC again!)
- Danube Cruiser (kick-a$$ Danube!)
- Bastille Destroyer
- Police Fighter Mark I-III
- Police Patcom
- Puffin Tug (the best tug ever!)
- Storm Petrel
- Taxi (stylish!)
- Truck (for some reason, I love this ship)
- Yacht
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Thanks, description updated :-)
This is a set of 23 new ships by Qlippoth as posted on Cormorant's site:
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