For those of you who are out there but are not quite sure what to do and do not have the patience to read through the acts, this page provides a snapshot of all the mission objectives.

NOTE: Master Missions are shown first. They are not the first mission. They merely reflect key objectives within the main act.

Act Zero - Prelude

Mission 1 Home Sweet Home

  1. Approach Clay's Waypoint
  2. Use Approach Autopilot on a target
  3. Use Formate Autopilot on a target
  4. Activate the Starmap
  5. Select Griffon from the Starmap
  6. Fly to Griffon
  7. Fly to the Effrit
  8. Follow waypoints to Lucrecia's Base

Mission 2 Proving Grounds

  1. Complete Training Course in under 3 minutes

Mission 3 Grand Tour

Mission 4 Errand Boy

  1. Visit Spielman at Charlesworth Freighter Station
  2. Pick up package at Alexander L-Point
  3. Deliver package to Junkers
  4. Collect reward from Spielman
  5. Intercept Belrano around Griffon
  6. Return stolen cargo to Spielman

Mission 5 Junkyard Challenge

  1. Scout out the Junkyard
  2. Sneak into Junkyard and dock to reactor
  3. Get fuel rods back to base safely

Mission 6 Nemesis

  1. Recover drone from Felix's lockup
Act One - Hoffer's Wake

Master Mission - Candy From a Baby

  1. Check out distress signal on edge of the Effrit

Mission 1 - The Great Escape

  1. Change IFF beacon at Maurice's
  2. Find Lucrecia's Base

Mission 2 - The Stepsons

  1. Visit Stepsons at meeting place
  2. Steal Maas shipping manifest from courier at Touchdown L-Point
  3. Recover shipping manifest from Grimwald Collection Station I
  4. Deliver shipping manifest to Stepsons

Mission 3 - Joint Forces

  1. Rendezvous with strike fleet
  2. Destroy marauder base
  3. Return to Stepsons to collect reward

Mission 4 - The Heist

  1. Meet with Stepson informant
  2. Get a suitable IFF from the junkyard
  3. Redezvous with Jafs at meeting point
  4. Dock to Jafs and travel to Maas facility
  5. Recover fighters from security station
  6. Ensure Jafs escapes safely

Mission 5 - Marauder Cache

  1. Meet E. R. Oregon at asteroid mine
  2. Check out the mining beacon

Mission 6 - The Trouble With Gunstars

  1. Travel to Military FTL Relay
  2. Dock to the station
  3. Retrieve arming codes
  4. Disarm gunstars
  5. Call Jafs to pickup gunstars

Mission 7 - Showdown

  1. Travel to Hoffer's Gap
  2. Arm gunstars by docking to them
  3. Destroy Marauder vessels
  4. Defend Hoffer's Gap

Mission 8 - League Initiation

  1. Meet League at waypoint
  2. Go to Memnon Military System Defence Dock
  3. Spray mark on Flagship

Mission 9 - Construction Yard

  1. Meet League at waypoint
  2. Travel to LOR platform location
  3. Detach habitation module from station with cutting drone
  4. Get LOR platform back to League

Mission 10 - Lucrecia's Hoard

  1. Find Bill Dulley at Hoffer's Heel Ship Park
  2. Investigate Hoffer's Entertainment Complex to locate key
  3. Calculate exact position of Lucrecia's Hoard using computer program
  4. Formate with NSO Vessels and travel to hoard location
  5. Recover hoard and crew
Act Two - The Badlands
Note: This act is non-linear in format. The Story-Elements are attached to the missions as needs be, so their precise order can't be described.

Master Mission

  1. Find help to combat Marauders in other systems
  2. Talk to Frederick Jackson at Jackson's Yard around Pennacook
  3. Visit Blue Note Social Club around Hyrokkin Beta, orbiting Firefrost III
  4. Talk to sheriff at Firefrost System Administration around the planet Sunflower
  5. Find enough pilots to fly MCA fleet vessels
  6. Investigate Clay's theory at Jacksons Yard

Mission 1 - Picking up the Pieces

  1. Protect LOR Platform from Marauder attackers
  2. Protect League freighters from enemy fire
  3. Escort LOR Platform in convoy
  4. Cover convoy while they jump

Mission 2 - Meet the Oman

  1. Wait for Oman escort
  2. Formate with Oman escort and travel to initiation ground
  3. Complete the 3 initiation tasks for the Oman
  4. Remote pilot training vessel to courage grounds waypoint
  5. Reclaim pod of gold from mine field and return it to waypoint
  6. Remote pilot training vessel to cunning grounds waypoint
  7. Navigate waypoints in gunstar field within time limit
  8. Remote pilot training vessel to wisdom grounds waypoint
  9. Complete wisdom puzzle

Mission 3 - Trouble at the Ranch

  1. Investigate disturbances around Lucifuge in Eureka
  2. Re-visit Third Way at Lucifuge
  3. Get defense mines from Hastur Pirate Base
  4. Manufacture 10 seeker mines
  5. Deliver some mines to Lucifuge

Mission 4 - High Noon

  1. Rendezvous with posse at meeting point
  2. Lead group to hunt Marauders at Westley's waypoint
  3. Fly wing with group to hunt Marauders at Westley's waypoint
  4. Destroy all Marauders

Mission 5 - Blockade Runner

  1. Meet MCA freighters at freighter assembly point
  2. Jump to Mwari with mercenaries to scout out route
  3. Eliminate Marauder threat
  4. Escort freighters to their destination

Mission 7 - The Exile

  1. Speak to ambassador at Brotherhood Exile Ark in Santa Romera
  2. Lure Marauders away from ambassador

Mission 8 - Corporate Holdings

Note: This mission may crash EoC. See the FAQ for a workaround.

Activation Info: System: Dagda Prerequisites: + You need to must complete Act Two Mission 18 to trigger this mission.

  1. Use Back-door L-Point in Mwari to get through to Dagda
  2. Clear mines before indenture freighters arrive
  3. Provide cover for transports as they jump out-system
  4. Leave system through L-Point

Mission 9 - Bloodhound

  1. Fly to MCA Base in Mwari
  2. Patrol waypoints and to allow sensor ship to pinpoint any Marauder transmissions
  3. Assault Marauder base and destroy any forces in the area

Mission 10 - Grassy Knoll

  1. Fly to meeting waypoint
  2. Go back to base to equip cannon
  3. Retrieve ammo from 'Books' cargo near security station
  4. Shoot out station window with sniper cannon
  5. Return to meeting waypoint to collect reward

Mission 11 - Unification

  1. Meet with fleet at rendezvous point
  2. Fly to Blackeye L-Point and clear out any Marauder resistance
  3. Cover L-Point and destroy any escaping Marauders

Mission 12 - Hunter or Hunted

  1. Fly to Greenback Orbital Transfer Station to obtain disruptors
  2. Scout out area around Haven Station
  3. Disable 'ghost' ship
  4. Dock and capture the ship

Mission 13 - The Kong Fracture

  1. Travel to Hoffer's Wake Port Orbital, in orbit around Memnon
  2. Intercept Kong at Alexander L-Point
  3. Disable Kong to prevent them from destroying Police HQ
  4. Formate with Kong and follow to Freetown
  5. Investigate large unidentified vessel

Mission 18 - Momma Wolf

  1. Rendezvous with convoy at Freelancer's Co-op Aid Center
  2. Listen to briefing
  3. Protect the freighters
  4. Formate with the freighters
  5. Escort freighters to suspected ambush
  6. Destroy all marauder vessels
  7. Investigate LDSi field source
  8. Destroy LDSi ship and escorts

Mission 20 - Battle of Mwari

  1. Rendezvous with fleet at the Ritz in Santa Romera
  2. Clear L-Point of any Marauders for convoy's arrival
  3. Escort convoy to destination
  4. Protect Fort Hope from Marauder attacks
  5. Dock to the station

Mission 22 - Wolf's Lair

  1. Track down Marauder base
  2. Investigate new L-Point destination
  3. Scout out area
  4. Investigate where freighters are going
  5. Escape back and report information

Mission 23 - Suicide Run

Sorry, this mission was inadvertantly mentioned. The mission was not used in the eventual game.

Mission 24 - Hide and Seek

  1. Rendezvous with league vessel
  2. Fly to Marauder location
  3. Avoid detection by Marauders
  4. Hide ship in cargo pod
  5. Secretly enter Dante System
  6. Scout for disused L-Point near Faust
  7. Locate Marauder bases
  8. Transmit FTL signal
  9. Obtain maintenance flitter
  10. Retrieve antenna array
  11. Retrieve field generator
  12. Leave Dante system

Mission 25 - Dante's Inferno

  1. Rendezvous with fleet at Dante Faust L-Point
  2. Destroy Marauder cargo station
  3. Destroy Marauder HQ
  4. Destroy Marauder shipyard
  5. Defend destroyer while cutting beam is charging
  6. Destroy Marauder disruptor cruiser
  7. Defeat enemy fleet
  8. Protect Hoffer's command ship
Act Three - Edge of Chaos

Master Mission -

  1. Help out defenders at Christmas L-Point

Mission 1 - Corporates on the Run

  1. Rendezvous with vessels at waypoint in Kompira
  2. Fly to security station and defend marine transport while they dock
  3. Cover marines as they reactivate gunstars
  4. Dock to neutral gunstars to allow Smith to change their allegiance
  5. Defend base from remaining corporate forces

Mission 2 - Clash of the Titans

  1. Fly to Government System Administration, dealing with any corporate threats on the way
  2. Scout out area to find a suitable diversion, without getting detected
  3. Dock to reactor to arm it for detonation
  4. Dock to Administration Station while patrols are distracted
  5. Return to base and transmit codes to Hoffer
  6. Protect Hoffer's command ship

Mission 3 - Scavenger

  1. Fly to Maas Institute Omega around Ottowa in Coyote
  2. Investigate the area
  3. Investigate satellite
  4. Hide from corporate vessels
  5. Destroy corporate cruiser

Mission 4 - Bridgehead

  1. Dock ship inside megafreighter pod
  2. Launch from megafreighter pod
  3. Protect the marines
  4. Break marines out of megafreighter pod
  5. Disable jump accelerator LDA portcullis

Mission 5 - Deep Cover

  1. Fly to rendezvous location to obtain IFF transponder
  2. Obtain security code from Fender Naval STC System Headquarters in the Owen's Star system
  3. Use security code to gain access to naval transceiver station
  4. Patch into Transceivers and re-route the data channels

Mission 6 - Smokescreen

  1. Fly with fleet to Ozaki Maas Cluster Central HQ in Ishime
  2. Destroy attacking vessels
  3. Return to base to warn Hoffer

Mission 8 (7) - Get Hoffer

  1. Fly to Osprey and then to Hoffer's last known location
  2. Save Flambé from the ambush to obtain distress beacon code
  3. Investigate signal from distress beacon location
  4. Fly to Naval Base in New Bavaria
  5. Save Hoffer
  6. Escape and fall back to Osprey

Mission 9 - Raising the Ante

  1. Fly to Antimatter Storage Base in Batatas
  2. Escort freighter back to interstellar L-Point
  3. Jump out of system

Mission 10 - Into Chaos

  1. Protect Jafs from alien spawn until all bombs are placed
  2. Prevent infected Maas flagship leaving the system

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