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Buda5 Holiday Mission Buda5 Holiday Mission Pack HOT

Buda5: Holiday Mission Pack (Version 1.0) 12/24/2000
Disclaimers:The companies mentioned below (or any other companies) do not
have any involment with Buda5 in any form.

Babylon 5, characters, names, and all related indicia are trademarks of
Time Warner Entertainment Co., LP. ©1999 Time Warner Enter Entertainment Co., LP.

I-War and Independence War ©1999 Infogrames Entertainment and ©1999 Particle Systems Ltd.
All Rights Reserved.


This mod is making no profit... get the picture?


Message Board: (under Buda5)

If you have problems please read the FAQ on site before panicking.


Installing Buda5 from the Installation Package (in three easy steps)


IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not be able to play the normal Independence War game
once you install Buda 5. We recommend you install a second copy of
Independence War in a different location for Buda 5 (a second installation can be
performed by running SETUP.EXE from the Independence War CD), or see the 'Uninstalling Buda 5'
section below for more details.

STEP 1 (Install Independence War):
Install Independence War on your computer. The full version of I-War,
Independence War, or Independence War - Defiance must be installed on your hard
drive. Buda 5 will NOT work with the Demo version of the game.

If you using the original European version of I-WAR or the first edition of
Independence War then you must upgrade to V1.24 of IWAR.EXE You can download
the upgrade patches from the Independence War website at It is not necessary
to upgrade if you are using the Independence War Deluxe Edition. You can quickly
see if you need to upgrade by checking the file size of your IWAR.EXE or GAME.EXE
using Explorer. If the file size is less than 1,334KB then you need to upgrade.

STEP 2 (Install the Missions):
Execute the Setup program buda5holiday_Setup.exe that accompanies this readme.

You will be asked to locate the Independence War EXE file. If Independence War
was installed properly you will be taken to the proper directory in the file selector.
Select the executable file (IWAR.EXE, GAME.EXE, or IWDE.EXE depending on the version
installed) for the installation location you wish to modify for Buda 5. Follow the
instructions of the onscreen prompts to complete the installation.

Shortcuts for the Mission Pack will be created in Buda 5 folder of your Start menu.



Playing Buda5 Holiday Mission Pack


Run Buda5 from one of the shortcuts in the Buda 5 folder of your Start menu.
Buda 5 may be run in Software or 3Dfx mode (Defiance is recommended for software mode,
3Dfx graphics card required for 3Dfx mode).

Create a new pilot when beginning the campaign, using a pre-existing pilot will cause
problems with the campaign.

NOTE: Buda 5 installation will reset all of the game options to their default settings.
You may wish to re-adjust these in the Options screen before beginning the campaign.


Uninstalling Buda5 or Playing Independence War in Normal mode


Buda 5 is not fully compatible with Independence War because is overwrites several
important files. You cannot play the normal Independence War campaign once Buda 5
is installed.

If you wish to uninstall Buda5 or play the normal Independence War campaign then
you should first Uninstall Independence War, delete your Independence War game directory,
then re-install Independence War. NOTE that this will delete your previous player
pilot files. You should first copy all *.SAV files in the psg directory to a safe
place, then copy back later.

[Advanced Users]: Alternatively, you can re-deslab the *.SLB files using the
deslaber, then comment out the VIDEODIR and AUDIODIR lines in the Dreadnaught.ini
file to play the normal campaign of Independence War. You will still have to re-install
Buda 5 before you may play the Minbari War campaign again.

Be sure to watch for the Buda 5 Raider Campaign, comming Spring 2001.

And download the Buda 5 Minbari War campaign if you haven't already done so! You won't regret it!


We always need help. If you would like to provide your skills as a
mission scripter, voice actor or voice actress please contact a member
of the Buda5 team. See links on the Buda5 website.



All scripts, original models and artwork by the Buda 5 team except:

Whitestar model and textures by Conor Clancy, used with his kind permission.

The Buda 5 Team is:


If we've failed to mention someone deserving credit please let us know. (its late & its Christmas Eve)

Installation front-end and installation script by Maril


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