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Desktop Themes that change sounds, icons and the background of Windows.

For Windows 98, you need Microsoft Plus. XP works out of the box. For Windows 7 and later, click here.

Created Monday, 18 May 2015 02:23
Changed Monday, 18 May 2015 02:23
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Author Particle Systems
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Okay, thanks!
You can also just run the themes.exe, select "Other..." and then one of the I-War themes files.
You misread the guide ;)

The themes.exe is in the Plus pack from here:

And you can put the I-War themes into the themes folder from that download and select them using the themes.exe.

I won't bundle themes.exe with this, since it is technically an illegal download :P
I tried that, but there is no "themes.exe" in the folder. There are only files such as "I-War_ConferenceBase.theme", but they don't have compatibility options, so they don't work.
No, just follow the instructions here:
Do I need the Win 98 Plus to install on Windows 8?
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