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zip0Assembly Mod1.0 *Final* HOT
(1 vote)

This mod is a compilation of other released I-War 2 mods in addition to my own work.  Credit for contributed material is given at the end of this text.

There are now 24 new ships inhabiting the I-War 2 universe, including three new playable ships.

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This mod changes the asteroids in some way. However, there was no description available. Test it out and tell us what it does!

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zip2Audio Overhaul ModHOT
(6 votes)

This is a simple mod that basically replaces most of the sound effects with ones that sound more realistic, meaning if there is an explosion in space, it doesn't sound like its on earth. The audio is more muffled, because its in space...a bit like in Battlestar Galactica or Firefly.


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zip3Beauty Shots1.0 HOT
(1 vote)

This scenario will allow you to take beauty shots of any sim using the hoffers wake setting as a background.

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zip4Better Planets
(1 vote)

This mod contains the planet models from the Unstable Space mod, as well as planet textures (including the texture of the planetary rings) from a beta version of the game in .iff format, which, as far as I can tell, are generally slightly higher quality than the versions that shipped with the game.

This mod is untested. Use at your own risk. It should be compatible with all mods that do not change the files in avatars/planets and in images/planets.

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zip5ComSec_Multimod2.3 HOT
(1 vote)

This  mod allows your ships to undock their command section, just like in I-war1.

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zip6Crosshair Mod by Atheist AntichristHOT
(2 votes)

Displays a crosshair to help aiming precision. There are two other mods like this (Crosshair/Reticle mod) but they are basically the same.
They look like a "+", essentially. I never felt they matched the I-War 2 HUD aesthetic so I made one that does.


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zip7Elite Mod0.4 alpha HOT
(2 votes)

For full details click on the filename.

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zip8Elite Mod (Loader)0.41 HOT
(1 vote)

The Elite Mod has been created to make the game more challenging. Click on the filename for full details.

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zip9Enhancement of Intelligence for Non-player ShipsHOT
(0 votes)

Ever wonder why the AI ships always fly at 200 when the speed limit is 250? Or why when you look in a ship file and see the speed is 1000, they fly at 800? That's because the AI is set at 80% difficulty by default, and having the AI lower than max will lock the ship's acceleration, velocity, and rotation values to whatever percentage the ship's AI is at.

This mod sets that number to 100% to give the AI ships full power. A few fancy maneuvers are also locked by lower AI level, so you should see ships do a few new things.

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zip10EXPERT V1.0 Beta1.0 Beta HOT
(0 votes)

For a full list of features click on the filename.

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(5 votes)

FutureTrader makes a number of changes to the existing EoC single-player game. Firstly, it adds the FutureTrade Screen, a GUI which allows the player to buy and sell cargo and items.

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zip12I-War 2 Unleashed0.92b HOT
(10 votes)

This add-on to I-War 2 Edge of Chaos was designed to improve and expand the game in a number of ways. In many cases it also tries to make the game more true to the descriptions of various ships and technology which are shown in the game encyclopedia available at Lucrecia's base.

Update 2023-11-12: Fixed a problem where the player wasn't able to dock to Jaf's rescue ship when ejecting after their ship got destroyed. Thanks to IronDuke and Alalkelele for figuring this out.

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zip13I-War 2 Unleashed - Makwa InterceptorHOT
(0 votes)

"Makwa" Interceptor

You must have Unleashed_Main installed and enabled to use this version of the Makwa Interceptor.

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zip14Location Finder Enhanced UniGUIHOT
(1 vote)


To use LF+, open UniGUI and select Location Finder Plus in the menu.

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(0 votes)

Hit the Multiplayer.Say (" by default) key to destroy all ships in 50km range. These do not increase your kill count.
Requires Multimod.

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zip16mission tutorial1.0 HOT
(0 votes)

This mod is a very simple mission.

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(0 votes)

This mod replaces your base with whichever of the included stations you choose. Click on the title for more details.

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zip18REM Hack ModHOT
(4 votes)

Tired of those annoying security systems on other ships? Do you wish you could REM link to anything you want and cause massive chaos? Now you can with the REM Hack mod!

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zip19Repair Ship ModHOT
(1 vote)

This mod calls in a repair ship which rearms and reloads your ship much like in Instant Action, but in single player.

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zip20Reticle CrosshairHOT
(1 vote)

This is an aiming reticle (crosshair) to help in firing weapons with aim assist disabled or when your sensors are damaged.

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zip21Shane's IWAR2- Dense Asteroid/Debris Mod0.1 beta HOT
(0 votes)

Doubled the density of asteroid and debris fields. Slowed down rotation and speed of debris/asteroids. Increased/decreased the sizes of asteroids/debris.

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zip22Skull SquadronHOT
(0 votes)

The mod is dedicated to the memories of the inspiring Robotech, the past childhood, the valiant pilots, and some more that I can't articulate at once.

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zip23Star Trek Sounds in Edge of Chaos
(0 votes)

Changes the sounds and music to make EoC a more Star Trek like experience.

Since this mod includes a lot of music that are under copyright law, we cannot distribute it on this website.

Please ask around in our Discord if someone wants to send it to you.

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zip24Station Save1.0 HOT
(3 votes)

Station Save gives the player the illusion of being able to save then game when docked to any station.

The purpose of the mod is to allow a more free form of play.

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zip25StationAssault1a HOT
(1 vote)

StationAssault adds ship patrols around stations to defend against attacks. Some stations also have Gunstars as defenses. If you attack and destroy a station, it will release cargo pods as it explodes.

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zip26SYN MP3 Player (Multimod)Beta 1.2 HOT
(0 votes)
An in-game mp3 player for use with EOC: Independence War 2.
Needs only Multimod.
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zip27SYN MP3 Player (UniGUI)Beta 1.3 HOT
(3 votes)

An in-game mp3 player for use with EOC: Independence War 2.
Needs UniGUI and Multimod.

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zip28The iFleet Modv4 HOT
(1 vote)

The iFleet Mod Version 4 - MULTIMOD REQUIRED

This mod allows the player to capture ships and form them into a fleet.

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zip29Thruster Graphics Fix ModHOT
(0 votes)

In the vanilla game the thrusters don't fire correctly visually - the maneuvering thruster visuals and audio in game only work on half of your thrust axes. This mod fixes that.
Note: The Unleashed mod already includes this fix.

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(2 votes)

Enhances the drives on cargo pods to insane levels. Don't get in the way of them while Jafs is loading. Reduces spread pattern from freighter jettisoned pods, reduces eject distance from megapods.

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(3 votes)


UniGUI provides a central GUI from which subscreens can branch out. To open UniGUI, hold down CTRL and ALT while in space and press U.

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zip32Waypoint Utilites - UniGUI ReleaseHOT
(2 votes)

This simple mod allows a player to create their own waypoints in space, as well as remove them.

To use it, you will need UniGUI 1e or greater installed.

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zip33Weapons revamp1.0 HOT
(0 votes)

This weapons mod was intended for use with the ELITE v1.0 Beta mod, and as a result the elite mod has made many of the same modifications to enemy weapons as to yours in this mod.

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zip34Xaereaux's Base Mover Mod0.1b HOT
(1 vote)

You need Multimod and UniGUI installed to use the Base Mover.

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