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This template was made by Admiral Brett, and I have tested it to be working and functional. There is one objective already set-up by the good Admiral, and that is to jump to Alpha Centauri.

This template has one known bug: when you first run the script, you see no stars or ships. You need to push SHIFT + Q, and then escape to return to the game. Once you return to the game, you will be able to see normally.

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IWar scripting language syntax file for EditPlus.

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I-War launcher is a small utility which makes it easier to launch I-War / Independence War if you're experimenting with custom missions. Just select the desired options and click the launch button.

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It makes creating missions much easier.
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Using this Alpha version of the Mission Script Programming Development Kit, you can create your own custom missions for Independence War / I-WAR 3DFX.

Please note that this development kit will not work with Independence War 2: Edge Of Chaos.

For information on 3D and texture modeling look at the documents section and/or visit the forum.

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Using this Alpha version of the Texture Development kit, you can create your own custom textures for Independence War / I-WAR 3DFX.

This is an ALPHA release - the documentation is not final and may contain mistakes.

The kit assumes that you know how to create textures and map them onto 3D objects, and deals only with the process of converting a texture into a file readable by the game. It is NOT a tutorial on texture mapping!

Please note that this Texture Development Kit will not work with Independence War 2: Edge Of Chaos.

For information on 3D and texture modeling look at the documentation at the top and/or visit the forum.

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A script and ship file for trying out a Dreadnaught corvette with the PBCXL.

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This palette file is needed to get the texures looking right in the game. To apply the palette to an image in Paint Shop Pro choose "Colours/Load Palette..." (the short cut is Shift-O) and then open the palette with the "Nearest colour matching" -switch. After that load the same palette again, but with "Maintain indexes". Now the colours show up right in Glide. This isn't neccessary the case in software mode though, since some colours are regressive, and are swallowed by the colour of nebula and ambient lighting, whilst others are dominant colors that "shine through".

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Indies cool utility that is quite useful for scripters. The utility enables you to select a type of ship and several options along with it. It also gives you the models to load, so all you have to do is copy and paste what the program tells you to! This download is only 22 kb, so it's worth it.

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zip9NanoScripter1.1final HOT
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Much like EditPlus with the I-War syntax file, but you can also launch the scripts right from the program.

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The supplied template I (Nav_temp.PCX) is for the NAV station only. You can use it to create your own NAV station templates easily. Click on the title for a detailed description.

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This zip contains binaries and source code to extract star information from stars.bin, and to recompile that information back into a binary format, allowing you to modify star data for the games I-War, Independence War and Defiance.

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