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ComSec_Mult ComSec_Multimod HOT

Warning:  This mod requires multimod and is meant for use with FutureTrader!

This  mod allows your ships to undock their command section, just like in I-war1.  The first keybinding below will detach the comsec's systems from the corvette and allow you to undock by hitting the U key.  When you are ready to fly your corvette again, just dock with it and use the second keybinding to reintegrate the comsec systems with the corvette.

I've given the detached comsec much better performance than the stock model, just to make things interesting.  If you loose all control of the comsec, you either haven't undocked or you've gotten the comsec blown up and are now drifting through space with the last HUD image burnt into your dying retinas...

Thanks to the IA forum members for the idea, Mikhael for the advice and for letting me take this one on, and to Particle Systems for a great game!

Enjoy! See the html file for credits...

-King's Specter


These bindings must be added to your keyboard .ini file:

Keyboard, Q

Keyboard, E


Created Tuesday, 16 December 2014 09:00
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# IronDuke 2016-05-30 20:02
Hey, this is interesting. I remember trying it out once and finding it really cool, but there wasn't much reason/motivation to use it, apart from as an escape capsule. I'll incorporate this as a module in my mod, if I didn't say already that I would.:-)


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