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If modification by chance has the unfortunate happening of destroying your computer from the inside out, then I will not accept any responsibility for it. :D just kidding, if you have any errors or complaints, or even ideas for a new or add on mod then tell me and I'll be happy to help you. This mod was made with my weapons mod so some of the changes in the weapons you use in that mod, will hold true for the weapons the computers use in this mod. This mod was made with the intent of being used with the missions so it should make things still possible in mission play, well at least I'm managing fine anyway. Later i might release a super-elite mod that makes things tougher for those of you who play the missions through once and then reload from an earlier save and continue your game. Because using a heavy corvette decked to the brim with weapons makes things easier I might find it necessary to "up the anti." Good luck and good Hunting! P.S. Weapon changes out of the ordinary to computer weapons are not significant. They have been given more rapid fire heavy PBC's and slightly more energy consuming Neutron PBCs. As well their shields have been changed "slightly" for the better, the assault shields the navy uses have 360 degrees defence, and the combat shields the cops marauders and corprates use have 220 degree defence, lastly the shields have been upped to handle 2 shots instead of 1 at a time. I believe this means that their sheilds can now treat 2 shots as they used to treat 1, effectivley making their shields almost doubled in effectivness right there, not to mention the changes made concerning the strength of the shields.

-Features- About 98% enemy ships other than capital ships have been given new loadouts to some degree.

Navy ships have Assault Class Shields, Autorepair 5s, and are loaded with rapidfire pbc's neutron pbc's sniper cannons, assault cannons, and Heavy PBCs, Deadshot missiles, And Achilles Shield Missiles.

Corporate, Cop, Marauder, and Many allied ships have been given Combat class shields, and autorepair 4s. Weapons changed as follows: Heavy PBCs, Rapidfire PBCs, Neutron PBCs, Heavy PBCs, Sniper Cannons, Deadshot missiles, And Achilles Shield Missiles.

Independent Ships have been given upgraded shields, PBCs upgraded to rapid-fire in many cases, Autorepair 3s, and Independent Corvettes and that class of ships have similar loadouts to the above.

Always wanted realistically tough Capital ships? well this mod makes capital ships have 3 times the hull strength, shielding that can withstand up to 6 shots at once, autorepair 6s-8s equivalent, and equivalent of rating 10 shielding. And there's more, you can expect to find them using assault cannons with anywhere between 16 and 20 km range, and Heavy PBCs with anywhere between 20 and 25 km range. No definite values are given because i'm not sure how the values convert exactly but numerous tests on my part have given me a decent idea. P.S. I forgot to mention that the cap ship guns also have increased strength as well. Somwhere in the vicinity of 1.5-2 times strength!

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