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Weapons re Weapons revamp HOT

f this modification by chance has the unfortunate happening of destroying your computer from the inside out, then I will not accept any responsibility for it. :D just kidding, if you have any errors or complaints, or even ideas for a new or add on mod then tell me and I'll be happy to help you. Email me at Jonathan_eloff at (at sign won't show up. No spaces.) This weapons mod was intended for use with the ELITE v1.0 Beta mod, and as a result the elite mod has made many of the same modifications to enemy weapons as to yours in this mod. -Features-

Sniper Cannons Have 25 ammo now instead of 20, including ai sniper cannons.

Remote missiles carry 3 in each missile slot now instead of 1 so you now have a use for them even if you have deathblows.

Mining charges hold 4 in each slot.

Deadshots hold 5 in each slot.

Deathblows hold 2 in each slot.

Proximity mines now have 3km blast radius, though significant damage is only to be expected at 2.5, and they will blow up when sensing an enemy within 1.5 km. As oppose to the old proximity mines which had 1km damage radius and 500meter proximity sensors. Also they now have 4 mines in each slot.

Seeker missiles now hold 6 per slot in a launcher, and harrowers hold 8.

Neutron PBCs have 16.2 km range, and have the accuracy of recoil damped PBCs. Neutron PBCs now cost a little more energy than before. Heavy PBC's now a refire rate of every 0.4 seconds as oppose to the 0.8 before, and now they also recharge faster. Not sure on this though as I didn't note the original refire rate to well so it might have been every 1 second. Assault Shields have 360° shields instead of the customary 180°, combat shields now have 220° shielding, and Military shields have 230° shielding.

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