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Elite Elite Mod HOT

What is it?

This mod is for Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos. It should work best with the F14.6 patch. While it would most likely certainly work with earlier patched version, we can't promise it will work as nicely as it will with the current patch. This mod started off as Indie's Damage & Sensor mod which he gave to me to put through the wringer. I started late in Act 2 and amassed a simply massive stockpile of weapons and such (I think I have enough tanks, power suits, weapons, and starship weapons/components to supply a small fleet and army.) with the sole intention of seeing how much tougher the game got. It got tougher, but I wanted more. Eventually I got to modifying the ship files myself and things started getting crazy. The AI has almost the same exact tech level that you do as the player, and capital ships are much, much, much tougher and nastier than in the standard game. They will continue to get meaner, too, so respect your betters.

How to install?

Patch up your EOC and put this zip into the mods folder. Now here comes the hard part, so pay attention. The readme is here so that we don't have to say this to each person who downloads the mod. ;)

There is a folder in this zip file called "READ THE README!" with the idea that if you didn't know what it was, you would read this to find out. Since you're reading this, it worked, or you know to read readme files like a good little webmonkey. ^_^

Inside the "READ THE README!" folder are three files. Elite.exe is the front end to put the elite settings in flux.ini. NoElite.exe is the front end to reset the elite settings from defaults.ini. readme_elite.html is this file, which can be launched from the Elite loader. To get full functionality out of this nifty little feature, just copy and paste all three files and put them in the same directory as the Edge of Chaos.exe and flux.ini files (that being the game's base directory). To then play the Elite mod, just run Elite.exe, click "Play" and play. To play the normal game, just run NoElie.exe, click "Play" and play. Flux.ini gets modified when you hit "Play". It's that simple. You can even make shortcuts to the files on your desktop if you want. There, that was the most complicated part to the install process, not so bad, right? ^_^

If you have any settings that you want in the normal game that are modified by the Elite mod, backup your defaults.ini and add them to it.
Also note that the loader programs will check to insure that your system is ready to play the Elite mod. This includes having EoC patched up at least to version 14, and having the Elite mod zip in the mods folder. If you have a dual OS machine and have installed the patch, but you get the message "Edge of Chaos version 14 or higher is required.", then you probably installed the patch on the other OS. If you're sure you have installed the F14.6 patch, but the loader doesn't think you have, you can change the registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareParticle SystemsEdge of ChaosSettingsVersion to 14. The usual warning about backing up your registry applies.

Does it do any tricks?


  • All ships, player included, will now receive conciderably more system damage.
  • All ships have tougher hulls and can take more punishment.
  • Autorepair speeds are slower.
  • Marauders and some corporate ships are now more stealthy.
  • Missiles (particularily the later models) have been improved and missile reload speed is faster.
  • Point defense and docked auto turret are both improved.
  • Mines and mining charges will do more damage.
  • Rockets will do more damage.
  • Sniper cannon has been improved.
  • Mounting several cutting beams can now overheat your ship, particularily with a poor heat sink.
  • Rapid fire PBCs overheat slighly faster.
  • Some of the later AI ships have slightly better equipment.
  • LDS speeds and acceleration reduced
  • Firing arcs have been increased for all normal-sized PBCs.
  • Collissions are more dangerous

* added features:

  • Capital ships are tougher. A lot tougher.
  • Some capital ships will fire missiles at you. Ever read Honor Harrington?
  • One (now two) AI ship type will be packing remote missiles. I'm not telling you which one, you'll have to find out the hard way. ;)
  • AI Assault cannons now fire almost as fast as player assault cannons and gatling cannons. You're lucky you've got Lemuel, or you'd be toast. Why? Because I like Lemuel. I don't even know you. :p
  • Bases and Gunstars will tear you up if you tick them off. At least the bases that currently have guns. Rest assured, eventually (nearly) all the bases will have guns, and if you shoot them, they'll shoot back. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • Remember, fighting is not your only option. God gave you LDS and LDSi mines/missiles for a reason.
  • Capital ships have tougher shields and components. Respect.
  • Remote missiles have spread. Fear.
  • Cops now have some disruptors. Cower.
  • Station turrets track faster now. Other turrets to follow. Maybe.
  • Capital Ships have better missile banks than you. You still have better missiles. Enjoy that feeling while it lasts, it'll be gone soon <edit>It's gone, at least with the new Nova</edit>
  • New Nova class heavy cruiser! With 14 new weapon hardpoints, you'd better be afraid. Oh, and did I mention this new version has Point-Defence and Sniper PBCs?
  • Sniper cannons fire slower than before. We're still trying to find a good balance for them, so they'll be good for some things, but not for others.
  • Docking Auto-Turret shoots a new bolt, should be better against fighters than before. Light and Quad Light PBCs slightly tweaked.
  • REM missile lifetimes increased to take advantage of the new 100km REM range. Enjoy.
  • Certain weapons and components now take up internal cargo space for balancing reasons. Maximum cargo space on various ships has been increased as a result.
  • Old Corvettes have some nasty firepower. You've been warned.
  • Heavy Corvette linear acceleration speeds increased somewhat, along with hitpoints.
  • Active/Passive sensors rebalance. You might not want to use those active sensors unless you really need to see something. Just a tip, before you get into a fight, turn them off, or you'll never evade anything of the missile sort.
  • Stealth equipment designed to make you even more stealthy. You know you love it.
  • Game could very well be impossible for you to complete. That's not my problem. :p
  • Hotfoot's Challenge! Kill all three of the cruisers in the Act 1 gunrunner scenario with the Tug! Bonus points if you do it in combination with the Alpha Heatsink Challenge Savegame! :D
  • Other various things have been tweaked. Enjoy looking for them.
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This one was incredibly enjoyable for me. There isn't much realism though. Hotfoot did ridiculous things like give Tugs Gatlings and little frog-miners REM missiles. This mod makes the game nearly impossible even for me, but it was still a blast. Don't get it unless you are either really good or a masochist.

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