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PlayerBaseMod HOT
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This mod replaces your base with whichever of the included stations you choose:

  • AsteroidBase1a
  • BrokenHavenStation //For those who prefer the feel of a damaged base
  • CasinoBase
  • Damaged_SecStation (this one is interesting. It appears the developers ran into a problem, and then decided not to use the station in the final game. I included it for those of you who don't mind having a station in two pieces. :P )
  • Fortress //You get to destroy this station in the game. Those gatling guns look neat.
  • HavenStation //A neat alternative base
  • HoffersGap //This one didn't come with any dockports, so it uses Lucretia's Base's ports instead. Good for flight practice.
  • MiningStation
  • newBiobomber //This is what Lucretia's base looked like when it was new.
  • OrbitalGarden
  • PiracyBase01 //From multiplayer
  • PiracyBase02 //From multiplayer
  • PiracyBase03 //From multiplayer
  • Prison //Awesome alternative to a biobomber.
  • ReactorBase //Remember this? This is where Cal gets the uranium rods for the base. A good hideout.
  • ShipYardStation


Size4.67 MB
AuthorChessking external


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