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I-War 2 Unleashed - Makwa Interce I-War 2 Unleashed - Makwa Interceptor HOT

Makwa" Interceptor

You must have Unleashed_Main installed and enabled to use this version of the Makwa Interceptor.

The Makwa is a modern version of the VS-IN01 Storm Petrel Interceptor. It has a custom paint job to match the Pinguin Freighter, new sounds effects, and improved animations. It also has additional mountpoints for various ship components such as sensor jammers and even a capsule drive. True to it's original specs, the Makwa has four standard light hardpoints and one medium hardpoint. It replaces the Command Section at your base, and should be compatible with missions which requires that ship. This ship is of course much too small to equip Turret Fighters.

Makwa is Ojibwe for bear.

Any mod in the mods folder may disrupt the multiplayer game to your disadvantage. It is recommended that you de-select this mod and restart your game before joining a multiplayer session

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