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StationAss StationAssault HOT


  Independence War 2 vF14.6
  Multimod ( )
  iFleet V5+ ( )


  UniGUI 2a and FutureTrader 2a ( )



  StationAssault adds ship patrols around stations to defend against attacks. Some stations also have Gunstars as defenses. If you attack and destroy a station, it will release cargo pods as it explodes. These are your 'reward' for destroying it. The station will be rebuilt after 30 minutes of in-space playing time.

  By combining StationAssault and FutureTrader, you can purchase Gunstars to defend your base. To purchase them, dock to a station that sells things of that type (only certain stations), open FutureTrader and select '[SS] Combat Vehicles' as the cargo superset. You can purchase standard Gunstars, Quad-Light Gunstars, Gatling Gunstars and Advanced Gunstars. You can own a maximum of 14 Gunstars at any one time. The Gunstars will automatically be placed around your base.

  StationAssault is designed to work best with iFleet V6. Unfortunately iFleet V6 is not released yet, but let's try to look at it in a positive way: it makes SA future-compatible!

  This is the final release of Station Assault.

Created Tuesday, 16 December 2014 09:00
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# IronDuke 2016-05-30 20:17
I'll steal this too.
Basically this one adds an interesting new dimension to the game, giving stations a point besides just existing for the story. I just wish they dumped more cargo.
Probably the best part of this is that bit about buying your own Gunstars with FutureTrader running, although that kinda ruins a few missions. ;-)


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