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Game-Controller-yellow-480Controller profiles
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The game doesn't work right with your controller? You can find settings for various controllers here.

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Demo versions of I-War 2: Edge of Chaos.

Save-2562Game Saves
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On this page you will find a collection of save games at certain Acts and Mission positions.

A big thank you to Shane Maness for providing all the English version saves.

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Various files that don't fit into the other categories like images, manuals and guides.

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Modifications for Edge of Chaos

To install most of these mods, just copy the ZIP file into the mods folder inside of the game directory, for example: C:/GOG Games/Independence War 2/mods/

Patched-Heart-2565Patches & Fixes
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This includes the latest official and community patches as well as fixes for the mission scripts of the game.

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Various (modding) utilities for I-War II: EoC.

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