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Enhancement of Intelligence for Non-player S Enhancement of Intelligence for Non-player Ships HOT

Ever wonder why the AI ships always fly at 200 when the speed limit is 250? Or why when you look in a ship file and see the speed is 1000, they fly at 800? That's because the AI is set at 80% difficulty by default, and having the AI lower than max will lock the ship's acceleration, velocity, and rotation values to whatever percentage the ship's AI is at.

This mod sets that number to 100% to give the AI ships full power. A few fancy maneuvers are also locked by lower AI level, so you should see ships do a few new things.

Created Monday, 11 April 2016 18:49
Changed Monday, 11 April 2016 18:49
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Author IronDuke external
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Is this one compatible, necessary if you are already using Unleashed (which has an Ai update component)
guess not! and I'm glad its still alive!
What? No, we're still here! :roll: :-P
This was uploaded yesterday? Wow. I thought the community for this game was dead. o:
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