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zip0Bumble-Bee ClassHOT
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The Bumble-Bee Class Frigate is a heavy modification of a Jeep Class troop carrier. Indies refitted the heavily armoured troop carrier with external long-range PBCs and missile magazines, making it a dangerous assault ship against large targets. Several civilians are also interested in this class, as it is fast and can carry quite an amount of cargo.

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zip1Corvette Mk2HOT
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This is an improved Corvette with vector thrust array, increasing its manoeuvrability. Improved weapons and a decreased mass, making this a superior COSA ship over the standard Commonwealth ship. (Can be used to replace player files.)

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zip2Corvette Paint JobsHOT
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Several new textures for Corvettes. They look dodgy in software mode, but they're still worth a look.

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zip3Goliath ClassHOT
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There are still some problems with the light reflections on the textures. But wow, it's a great piece of work! It is heavily armed, it is gigantic, it looks fantastic, ain't it fun?? Don't tell me you don’t want to download this!

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zip4Mercury ClassHOT
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Two words: Firepower galore! ;-) This is a complete mission script that gives you command over the Mercury Class "Raptor" battling a Commonwealth cruiser, and it's fun.

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zip5Nowt Class Mk1HOT
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This is an improved LST, it comes equipped with weapons and great manoeuvrability. Slight improvement on this flawed Navy craft.

Webmaster's Comment: Hey, it has Gatling PBCs! ;-))

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zip6Portland ClassHOT
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In cooperation with ProxTech, Porter & Porter modified the Corvette's crew module for use as a LDS-capable tug and added several cargo containers as well as a PBC to it. The Portland Class was born, a cost-efficient mini-freighter for any kind of goods.

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zip7The Grundig MajesticHOT
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Note: For use with I-War: Defiance

A new Q-Ship, designed by Dreadnaught. Comes with its own mission, too!

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zip8Thunder Child SeriesHOT
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Designed for ore trains and large freighters.

This is a deadly freighter, a powerful vector thrust array increases its combat strength. Powerful weapons will ensure that no Indie or Navy inspections will ever be a problem! MK1 is used by FAMS as his flag ship. The Mark 3 is equipped with a tac antimatter warhead.

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zip9Vulture ClassHOT
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Not a very heavy warship, but due to its lack of missiles and backwards firepower, it's interesting and challenging in dogfights.


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zip10Wyle ClassHOT
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This configuration is for Hospital Ships or Troop transports.
This is the crowning achievement for Speed of Light Industries. We have tamed the PBCXL and placed it in this craft. Ideal for Long range capital ship bombardment. All power is diverted to the PBCXL when firing, so it needs a good escort!

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