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Portland C Portland Class HOT

Manufacturer: Porter & Porter Haulage / ProxTech

Classification: Light Transport ("Space Truck")

Standard Crew: 2+2

Acceleration: 5 m/s

Max. LDS Speed: 0,33 c

Mass (empty): 8000 tons

Length: 95 m

Standard Armament: 1 PBC (forward)


In cooperation with ProxTech, Porter & Porter modified the Corvette's crew module for use as a LDS-capable tug and added several cargo containers as well as a PBC to it. The Portland Class was born, a cost-efficient mini-freighter for any kind of goods.

Webmaster's Comment: I'm really proud of this one, and people seem to like it. ;-) Maybe I'll make a mission with one of these, check out the missions section sometime in the future.

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