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Mercury C Mercury Class HOT

Manufacturer: Indie Alliance Industries
Classification: Standard Forward Gunnery
Standard Crew: 200
Acceleration: 14 m/s
Max. LDS Speed: 30000000000
Mass (empty): 15000 tons
Length: 900 m

Standard Armament: 2 front-mounted PBCs, 1 Long-Range-PBC and 2 Electronic Warfare Pods.


2 years after the Alliance had beaten the Commonwealth back into outer star systems, the tables had turned. The Indies were forming ever stronger links with the alliance, and the Commonwealth were now little more that a bunch of pirates. Pirates they may be, but they were well trained. Something was needed to give the Alliance an edge. So the Mercury Class destroyer was made. It loses its side mounted turrets to nano-bit computers. They calculate the speed, class, threat, skill, and importance of any enemy ships. Then it forms a set of orders for all friendly ships in the area, using the data it gathered, tests indicate that this increases combat efficiency by 20%. Defensively the mercury has raw unstoppable firepower. The mercury proved a success. But after the 5-year war, they were taken out of service.

Webmaster's Comment: Two words: Firepower galore! ;-) This is a complete mission script that gives you command over the Mercury Class "Raptor" battling a Commonwealth cruiser, and it's fun.

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