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The Grundig Maje The Grundig Majestic HOT

Note: For use with I-War: Defiance

Not being able to extract the QShip from the mission script for some reason, I decided to make my own. The right and left sides of the freighter have Gattling guns that will automatically fire on any Navy or COSA ships if they so happen to be in range. There are also four PBC HEV mounts that I have left as visible contacts. You can REM these turrets and control them fairly well.

    The ship is well-suited for combat, but as in the mission, the pods are the weak spot. Be careful that not to many are destroyed in combat! Also, the Gattling guns will only fire if the right of left quarters are directly facing an enemy. I really like this script! I hope I will see some good custom missions come from this.

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