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Bumble-Bee C Bumble-Bee Class HOT

Manufacturer: Various Independent Shipyards

Classification: Frigate

Standard Crew: 60+4

Acceleration: 6 m/s

Max. LDS Speed: 0,99 c

Mass (empty): 200.000 tons

Length: 742 m

Standard Armament: 3 Long-Range-PBCs (forward), 2 missile magazines


The Bumble-Bee Class Frigate is a heavy modification of a Jeep Class troop carrier. Indies refitted the heavily armoured troop carrier with external long-range PBCs and missile magazines, making it a dangerous assault ship against large targets. Several civilians are also interested in this class, as it is fast and can carry quite an amount of cargo.

Webmaster's Comment: Greb and I originally planned to script a mission series with this ship, but we didn't get to finish one mission.

Well, the Frigate was made by three people, thus it's a good piece of work. It performs great, and hey! She's a beauty! ;-)

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