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Thunder Child Se Thunder Child Series HOT

Manufacturer: Speed of Light Industries

Classification: Freighter

Standard Crew: Various

Mass (empty): Depends on freighter body

Length: Depends on freighter body

Max. LDS Speed: 0,99 c


Thunder Child Mk1:

Acceleration: 1 m/s

Standard Armament: 2 Gatling PBCs (forward), 2 missile magazines


Thunder Child Mk2:

Acceleration: 1 m/s

Standard Armament: 6 Gatling PBCs (forward), 2 missile magazines


Thunder Child Mk3:

Acceleration: 4 m/s

Standard Armament: 2 Gatling PBCs (forward), 2 missile magazines, 1 tactical antimatter missile


Designed for ore trains and large freighters.

This is a deadly freighter, a powerful vector thrust array increases its combat strength. Powerful weapons will ensure that no Indie or Navy inspections will ever be a problem! MK1 is used by FAMS as his flag ship. The Mark 3 is equipped with a tac antimatter warhead.

Important: Cormorant's Place does not in any way encourage SoL Industries' Clients to use these armed freighters for piracy or other illegal purposes.

Webmaster's Comment: That's what I call a Q-ship! The TacNuke of the Mk3 won't work with my version of I-War so I can't tell anything about it, but Mk1 and 2 are worth the download! They're real fun to fight against, and a chance to fly a Q-ship different from that armed Indie freighter.

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