Category: Act Three - Edge of Chaos
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Seeking to press their advantage, the League asks Cal to stage an attack upon a heavily guarded station in the Kompira system. While Cal deals with the defenses, a contingent of marines will attempt to take over the station.
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Cal is asked to help out in the defense of the Christmas L-Point.
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Smith has developed a cunning trap... and Lucretia's Base is the bait. Cal will protect Jaffs as he sets a half-dozen antimatter charges.
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The game has ended... but the fun has just begun.
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Cal must find a way to get the command codes for the mothballed System Defense Fleet.
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In a bid to gain control of the Jump Accelerator, Cal is smuggled to the Fomalhaut system inside a stolen Maas megafreighter pod. Once there he will lead a contingent of marines to capture the portal and drop the jump shields. At that point the fleet will move through.
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Lucretia's base is moved to Fomalhaut. Fearful that the propaganda campaign launched by the Corporates might bring the Navy into the conflict against the League, Hoffer asks Cal to launch in his tug and use a fake IFF and find out what's going on.
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Hoffer's worst fears have come true; the Navy is assembling a huge fleet in preparation for a strike against the League. He must immediately meet with them and craft a cease-fire. The Corporates will certainly attempt to stop him, and he sends Cal on a mission to attack the Ozaki Maas Cluster Central HQ in Ishme.
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Franklyn Hoffer has been captured by the Corporates. And Cal must rescue him... if he still lives.
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Seeking a way to slow down the Aliens, Hoffer asks Cal to escort a freighter to an abandoned station and pick up as much antimatter as possible.
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