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Vulture Class
Vulture Class HOT
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Manufacturer: ProxTech

Classification: Patrol Combatant (Patcom)

Standard Crew: 15+3

Acceleration: 7 m/s

Max. LDS Speed: 0,4 c

Mass (empty): 20.000 tons

Length: 300 m

Standard Armament: 2 PBCs (forward), 1 ECM flare magazine


ProxTech used the hull of the Cormorant Class Light Transport to create a convoy escort vessel especially for civilian purposes. In spite of its higher defensive potential than the Tariq Class, the Vulture didn't sell as well as expected, mostly because of its enormous size compared with the Tariq, its higher costs and its lack of missiles.

Webmaster's Comment: Well, it's made by me and it uses a Cormorant hull, so you just have to download it ;-) No, really: Not a very heavy warship, but due to its lack of missiles and backwards firepower, it's interesting and challenging in dogfights.


Size535 B
AuthorCormorant external


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