file Epic: Middle States bug reports

14 years 5 months ago #14615 by wolfie
auto SaveBug.

Once my game hang For some unknown reason to me and I use the autosave to restart the game.
That when everything go nutt. My wingman turn Yellow, but they still mine wingman. Most of the other ships turn Empty, and all my reputation go blank.

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14 years 5 months ago #14627 by whismerhill
lol I get the same bug as Wolfie
I quite hard a had time indentifying it !!!
I made a whole post explaining what happened :
(except in my post I did not know if it was autosaves or "spacesaves")

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14 years 5 months ago #14646 by MojoKilla
Hi all , thanks to the developers for putting TS together , great mod !
I've been playin' for a couple of weeks now , building up my fleet (heavy corv and 3 freighters),doing some trading ,trying to stay alive in epitaph (dunno why other ppl say it's dead , I usually get wiped out in seconds , and I have autorep3, neutron pbcs ,deadshot msl ... go figure),most of all having fun!
Here's my strange behaviours report (nothing major) :
-at Azran Lux factory in Alcuin , I always find some pods tagged xxxx , blue (MINE!!!) that I never bought nor stole . I tried getting rid of them by collecting then dropping in the middle of nowhere , or shooting at , but I always find some new ones when I come back . Never tried selling them anyway. Azran must love me , I get presents ...
-Every now and then , when I'm around an LP , I get attacked by fighters protecting a megafreighter that's approaching the LP .They keep yellow for some time (I'm friendly or neutral) shooting msls at me , then when they get closer , go red . I ususally flee , and they don't come after me .
-Sometimes and indy ship turns red and attacks me , I've read this happens because of some script in EOC , unfortunately that ship follows me everywhere , even if I jump to other systems , that's annoying 'cos you HAVE to kill it = cash gone for upgrading reputation. It's even more annoying when it happens near stations, because I have to move far away from it , otherwise , when I kill it , the station and all the ships around it go red , no matter what faction they belong to .
-Not sure this is a bug or is intentional : in Epitaph , Ripon and Hant , when you try going to a specific location , the ship doesn't go there directly but behaves like vanilla EOC , jumping to a LP in the same system that is nearer to the target location , duh .
-Some factions aren't listed in the reputation screen , right now I'm at the mercenary base in New Costantinopole , wanting to hire a warship , but I can't 'cos the faction they belong to (Archangels or something ...) isn't listed .

That's all folks , thanks again .

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14 years 5 months ago #14647 by whismerhill
ok Mojokilla I'll try to answer some I know :
when you are attacked by yellow following you around,
first : regroup your fleet in LDS and if they are damaged stay in slow manual LDS until they are repaired
I did not try to save in space & reload (you could try that though)
what I did was : go to a station, enter & go out : ship gone
if the ship is still here, save & quit & relaunch the game & load

I had yellow ships attack me too (they were outlaw) because they had : "dislike" as reputation

some factions (mostly pirate I think) are not listed, you need to dock at a station owned by this particular faction to make it appear

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4 years 8 months ago #19916 by Coloradomtnman
Replied by Coloradomtnman on topic Problem

Leomar wrote:

Originally posted by kisu1492

hi there.
first off, thanks for putting this together. it looks really cool.
However, i am playing the new game and when i buy the tug it won't let me launch because the tug is not "space worthy" because it hasno passive sensors. then i am stuck. i can't add them in the loadout.
i started the game again, and it only gave me 9000 credits, whcih wasn't even enough to buy the tug. any ideas?

At my first trys I also had this problem.

But when I tryed to follow the tutorial as exactly as I can none of this problems occured. So I think the important first step is to hire the wingman. If you dont hire him the ship you buy at the shipjard will get no passive sensors. If you restart the game without going back to Windows first you will have exactly the same amount of money as you have at the end of your last game.

It's a crazy theory but I havent something better.

I hired the wingman, went to the station, bought the tug, and couldn't undock because there were no passive sensors.

Is there a fix for this?

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