Traffic: Initially busy. Then very quiet.
Traffic Composition: Mostly Government, LOMAX Technologies and Independent. Some Underworld.

Cargo Composition:
Accumulators, Antimatter, Fur, Fur Coats, Generators, Hostile T-F Agents, Nano Programmers, Neutron Warheads, Neutronium.

Notes: Quite a few mega-transporters with unknown cargo. Regular pirate activity mostly toward the Police Base but also toward Jebediah's Foundry. No attacks on convoys.

Traffic: Very busy.
Traffic Composition: Mostly SOLAN Corporation and Stepsons. The odd law enforcer and independent.

Cargo Composition:
Aggregates, Algae, Alkalines, Anesthetics, Antiques, Astro Instruments, Audio Equipment, Bric-a-Brac, Chickens, Cleaning Products, Clone Bone Tissue, Clone Kidneys, Computer Games, Crisis Vac Suite, Cyber Eyes, Floor Plates, Food Pills, Fruit, Fur Coats, Gene Rejuvinators, Grain, Hicasts, House Plants, LDS Carrier Fields, LDSI Warheads, Liquid Fuel, Medical Drugs, Memory Modules, Metal Bars, Metal Rods, Mood Stabalizers, Nano Surgeons, Ore, Potatoes, Pseudo Shakes, Rice, Rivets, Rock Dust, Rubble, Sand, Scap Metal, Seeds, Spirits, Station Components, Synthetic Cheese, T-Form Bacteria, Uranium, Vision Equipment, Wire, Yeast.

Notes: Many mega-transporters with unknown cargo.

Traffic: Quiet, has been known to be busier.
Traffic Composition: 3 convoys.

Cargo Composition:
Plant Pulp, Recovered Meat, CPU Parts, Hammer Pack.
Traffic: Busy
Traffic Composition: 9 League convoys, 8 Marauders convoys, 6 Misc convoys (Indies, Government).

Cargo Composition:
Pathmos Scrubbers, Air, Anesthetics, Audio Equipment, Animal Feed, Astro Instruments, Beanstalk wire, Carbon, Clothing, Drinking Water, Data Cards, Dirigibles, Food Blocks, Field Generators, Gold, Hull Plates, a few Mood Enhancers, Medical Drugs, Mood Stabilizers, a few Oxygen, Office Supplies, a few Pseudo Shake, Platinum Ore, Prefab Housing, Rare Metals, Rice, Reactor Spares, Soya, Silver Ore, Sporting Weapons, a few Synthetic Proteins, Tennis Equipment, Vegetables, Zero Brew.
Traffic: Busy.
Traffic Composition: League and Independent with the odd Government utility. Possible odd incursion from MAAS.

Cargo Composition:
Air, Audio Equipment, Bric-a-Brac, Combat Powersuits, Crisis Vac Suit, Crushed Ice, Cut Gem Stones, De-Ionised Water, Disposal Suits, Edible Fungi, Euphonics, Field Generators, Field Stock, Food Pills, Gatling Cannon, Gold Jewelry, Gold Ore, Hand Weapons, Heavy Girders, Hull Plates, Hyl, Liquid Fuel, Mood Enhancers, Neuttronium, Ore, Plastic Pellets, Platinum, Platinum Ore, Psuedo Shakes, Rare Metals, Reactor Spares, Reactor Targets, Real Coffee, Recovered Heat, Robo Constructors, Robotic Arms, Robotic Chassis, Rock Dust, Sand, Silver, Silver Ore, Sodium, Soya, Spirits, Station Components, Sugar Cane, Synthetic Cheese, Yeast, Zero Brew.

Notes: Predominantly rare metals such as Gold, Silver and Platinum. In both ore and refined states and mainly carried by League ships. Independent ships carried the wider variety of goods but were less numerous than League ships.

Traffic: Very quiet.
Traffic Composition: N/A.

Cargo Composition:
Distilled Water, Tennis Equipment.
Traffic: Quiet.
Traffic Composition: N/A.

Cargo Composition:
Drink Water, Distilled Water, Animals, Some Office Stuff, Zero, Grain, And Other Foods.
Traffic: Dead.
Traffic Composition: N/A.

Cargo Composition:
Traffic: Some Traffic.
Traffic Composition: N/A.

Cargo Composition:
Metal Bars, Metal Blocks, Rivets, Wire, Drink Water, Tools.
Traffic: Slow. Mostly cargo trafic (dried up after about 15 minutes), some non-cargo traffic.
Traffic Composition: Mostly Solan, some Indepentant and Maas. SnRVs and Fuel Transports.

Cargo Composition:
AV Equipment, Nano Assemblers, Slime Mould, DNA Tattoos, Transplant Limbs, Drinking Water, Plastic Pellets, De-ionised Water.
Traffic: Mostly non-cargo trafic, some cargo traffic (dried up after about 10 minutes).
Traffic Composition: Mostly Mass (because of the nearby Maas base), part Indepentant, Freighters and SnRVs.

Cargo Composition:
Computer Games, Astro-Instruments, Robotic Arms, Wiring, Field Generators, Solettas, Wine, Crisis Vac Suits Few, Attack Dogs, Food Blocks, Antimatter Equip., Rare Metals Some, Industrial Water, De-ionised Water Some, Dirty Ice, Platinum Ore Few, Silver Ore, Sand.
Traffic: Active. Mostly cargo trafic, some non-cargo traffic.
Traffic Composition: Indepentant, occasional Law or Maas. Freighters and SnRVs, some Tankers, 1 Troop Transport.

Cargo Composition:
Computer Games, Audio Equipment, Gene Writers, Nano Assemblers, Nano Programmers, Agri Harvestors, LasTanks, Lathes, Field Generators, Reactor Targets, Aerodynes, Real Beer, Spirits, Smart Jewels, Caviar, Bric-a-Brac, Crisis Vac Suits, Apes, Plant Pulp, Gene Rejuvenators, Transplant Limbs, Drinking Water Some, Food Blocks Few, Synthetic Protein, Grain, Sugar Cane, Vegetables, Waste Paper, Floor Plates, Heavy Girders, Neutronium Few, Feed Stock, Plastic Pellets, Radioactive Waste Few, Nitrates, Oxygen Few, Sulfides, Block Ice Few, De-ionised Water Many, Dirty Ice, NBC Warfare, Nanotech Weapons.

Note: There was a noticable lack of escorts here. And a lack of sewage. I encountered 3 'Ghost' SnRVs.

Traffic: Very active. Mostly cargo trafic, some non-cargo traffic.
Traffic Composition: Mostly Solan, Indepandant and Maas. Some Outlaws, a few Law. Mostly SnRVs and Freighters. Some Megafreighters, an occational tanker.

Cargo Composition:
Flare Pack, Gnat Pack Few, Hammer Pack Few, Harrower Pack, Gattling Cannon. AI Systems Few, CPU Parts, Audio Equipment, Data Consoles, Data Cards, Nano Assemblers, Preprog Nanotech, Habitation Pods, Bstteries, Fission Generators, Solor Panels, Fur Coats, Caviar, Euphorics, Mood Enhancers, Stimulants, Hand Tools, Office Supplies, Anti-aging Drugs, Antibiotics, ImmunoSupps, Crisis Vac Suits, Nitro Bacteria, Recyc Bacteria, Animal Feed Few, Apes Few, Attack Dogs Few, Rodents, Plant Pulp, Slime Mould, Clone Bone Tissue Few, Clone Kidneys, Drinking Water Few, Food Blocks Some, Food Pills Few, Meal-in-a-Bar, Recovered Meat, Synthetic Protein Few, Edible Fungi, Grain, Meat Few, Soya, Frozen Sewage Exccesive, Beanstalk Wire Many, Crystaline Metals Few, Floor Plates, Foam Metal Some, Heavy Girders, Monowire Some, Exotic Metals Exccesive, Neutronium Few, Gemstones, Cut Gemstones Few, Feed Stock, Plastic Gel, Battle Scrap, Compacted Scrap Few, Fusion Premix, Tellurides, Air Few, Common Ore Many, Neutronium Ore Few, Aggregates, NBC Warfare, BioWeapon Agents Few, Antimatter Fuses, LDSI Warheads, Missile Parts Few, Missile Thrusters Few, Missile Warheads Few, BattlePacks, Combat Powersuits Few, Explosives Few, Hand Weapons Few, Sidearm Clips Few, Accelerator Rings Few, FireCon Sensors, PBC Accelerators Some, Plasma Rings.

Note: This L-Point had more traffic than I expected; the traffic hadn't dropped when I left, but I have other things to do... the traffic was so heavy that I was hard pressed to keep up. There was a higher than normal escort rate at this L-Point. Perhaps this was a fluke, but I obtained 48 pods of exotic metals durring this run. Several Mega-freighters with medium loads came through.

Traffic: Very active. Mostly cargo trafic, some non-cargo traffic.
Traffic Composition: Mostly Indpendant, Solan, and Maas. Some Law, a few Outlaws, 1 Network 159. Mostly SnRVs and Freighters. A few tankers, an occational Megafreighter or troop transport.

Cargo Composition:
Flare Pack Some, Gnat Pack Some, Hammer Pack, Harrower Pack Few, Seeker Missiles Few , Heavy PBC, Autopilots, Capsule Drive Parts, CPU Parts, Audio Equipment Few, Data Screens, Mobile Comms. Some, Cyber Eyes Few, Data Cards, Autosurgeons, Gene Writers, Organ Matrices Few, Nano Assemblers Some, Robotic Sensors, Hullplates, Station Components Few, LasTanks, MicroEng Tools, Laser Drills, Field Generators, Reactor Spares, Aerodynes Some, Dirigibles, Zero Brew Few, Furs, Caviar, Milk, Cigarettes, Ersatz Coffee, Mood Stabilisers Some , Bric-a-Brac Few, Cleaning Products, Office Supplies Some, Religious Goods, Uniforms, Pain Killers, Survival Bubbles, Animal Feed Few, Compost, Apes, Pot Plants, Trees, Yeast Few, Clone Bone Tissue, Clone Livers, Clone Skin, Drinking Water Few, Food Blocks Some, Food Pills Some, Pseudo Shake Few, Recovered Meat Few, Synthetic Cheese, Synthetic Protein, Edible Fungi Few, Grain Few, Meat, Potatoes Few, Rice Some, Soya Few, Sugar Cane Few, Vegetables, Frozen Sewage Excesive, Beanstalk Wire Few, Crystaline Metals, Floor Plates Few, Foam Metal Many, Monowire Many, Exotic Metals A Lot, Neutronium, Cut Gemstones, Feed Stock Few, Plastic Pellets, Battle Scrap Few, Metal Bars, Booster Agent, Fusion Premix, Liquified Fuel Some, Oxygen Some, Phosphates, Phosphides, Sulfides, Air Few, Unprocessed Gas, Block Ice, Crushed Ice Few, De-ionised Water, Common Ore Few, Neutronium Ore Few, Rock Dust Few, Sand, Fire Support FVs, BioWeapon Agents, Fission Warheads, Hostile TF Agents, Neutron Warheads, Antimatter Fuses Few, LDSI Warheads Some, Missile Parts, Missile Thrusters Some, Missile Warheads Few, BattlePacks Few, Combat Powersuits Few, Explosives Few, Grenades Some, Hand Weapons, Manpack Missiles Few, Sidearm Clips Few, FireCon Sensors, PBC Accelerators Few, Plasma Rings Some.
Traffic: Quiet for long periods.
Traffic Composition: Government and Law.
Cargo Composition:
Astro Instruments, Bric-a-Brac, Cleaning Products, Crisis Vac Suit, Data Cards, Edible Fungi, Grain, Oxygen, Psuedo Shakes, Rice, Synthetic Protiens.

Notes: Plenty of pirate activity, with regular raids on the outlying Govt. station, the La Pampa STC post and Govt. Transmitter. Their actions are nothing short of suicide. For those who like to dare (if the cargo's worth it), you should wait for a pirate raid at the opposite station and then grab your chance.

Traffic: Medium - high.
Traffic Composition: Independent with odd visit from the law.
Cargo Composition:
Accumulators, AI Systems, Batteries, Dirty Ice, Drinking Water, Emergency Heat, Field Generators, House Plants, Ionised Water, Laser Detectors, Meals-at-Bar, Mood Enhancers, Neutronium Ore, Nitro Bacteria, Oxygen, Phosphides, Recovered Heat, Wire, Wound Dressings, Yeast.

Notes: No pirate activity here whatsoever. Strange ship behaviour, constantly buzzed and harrassed by groups of small ships, though not attacked I eventually lost my patience and took 'em all out. Usual stupid behaviour from cargo laden ships stuck right in front of L-Point arrival. Quite a few accidents and cargo spills.

Traffic: Medium.
Traffic Composition: Independent.
Cargo Composition:
Animal Feed, Data Cards, Dirty Ice, Dirty Water, Floor Plates, Fusion Premix, Grain, Helium 3, Hull Plates, Hullucenogenics, Hygiene Goods, Meal-in-Bar, Micro Engineering Tools, Mood Stabalisers, Nana Assemblers, Phosphides, Plutonium, Potatoes, Pressure CH4, Rice, Rubber, Sand, Seedlings, Synthetic Cheese, Transplant Eyes, Trees, Unprocessed Gas, Wiring, Yeast, Zero G.

Notes: A heavy leaning to processed gases and chemicals.

Traffic: Active, seemed to be more incoming than outgoing.
Traffic Composition: About half independent, half Exile.
Traffic Destination: Outgoing - Trevellin Hideout. Incoming - Dainn L-point, Hlodyn L-point, Dainn II L-point, Square Rock L-Point, Nyi L-point.

Cargo Composition:
LOTS, I mean LOTS of Exotic Metals. Lots of Common Ore, Hullplates, Reactor Spares, Mood Enhancers, Office Supplies, Rock Dust, Aggregates, Sand. Edible Fungi, Wiring, Hull Repair Kit, Air, Meal in a Bar, Clone Tissue, Cigarettes, Pseudo Shakes, Mood Stabilizers, Zero Brew, Drinking Water, Beanstalk Wire, AI Systems, Crystalline Metals, Exotic Metals, Nano Surgeons, Nano Factories, CAP Drive, LDSI Warheads, Anasthetics, Atmospheric Scrubbers, Carbon, Nanoassemblers, Reactor Spares.

Notes: I followed one of the freighters carrying exotic metals (...actually, I was chasing it) to Trevellin Hideout. I don't know if it was just chance, but that place is a GOLD MINE for exotic metals, common ore, etc. I also came in at a bizarre time. The station was being attacked by Navy Patcoms and maraduars. And the station was in total chaos, transports were being hit by the crossfire and dumping cargo. All told, I picked up 42 crates just from this station.

Traffic: Moderate activity, occasionally very dull moments.
Traffic Composition: All cargo ships were indepedent, an occasional navy vessel would pass through.
Traffic Destination: Outgoing - Khulua hi-tech manufactory. Incoming - Hyrrokin L-point, Dainn II L-point, Njord L-point, Square Rock L-point.

Cargo Composition:
Exotic Metals, Foam Metal, Grain, Oxygen, Beanstalk Wire, Helium3, Aggregates, Common Ore, Houseplants, Air, Animal Feed, Office Supplies, Yeast, Med Kits. CPU Parts, Mood Enhancers, Bric-a-Brac, Edible Funi, Neutronium Ore, Mobile Comms, Exotic Metals, Monowire, Carbon, Houseplants, Meal-in-a-Bar, Drinking Water, Synthetic Protein, Areodynes, Nitrates, Radioactive Waste, AI Systems, Slime Mould, Liquified Fuel, Crystalline Metal, Foam Metal.

Notes: The cargo movers carrying exotic metals, foam metals, common ore, etc. seemed to be headed for Khulua hi-tech manufactory a lot. so if you're looking for metals of that type, Khulua is also a good place to start.

Traffic: Located in the Firefrost System, this is a busy transit point for both the Solan and IFNet factions. Independent, Government and Law ships also pass through less commonly.
Traffic Composition: Medium and large transports are common, megafreighters also occasionally seen. All are escorted, usually by interceptors. Fuel tankers rare. Unescorted SnRV?s sometimes try to sneak through.

Megafreighters usually loaded with raw sewage and office supplies, therefore not worth going after. Transports usually have very mixed cargo. I only saw a one or two transports carrying a cargo of pods that were all similar (e.g. a cargo of plastics), and was unable to determine their destination. Best targets are SnRV?s at this L-Point, even the unescorted ones carry some pretty nice stuff (spirits, jewellery, exotic metals, fauna).

Cargo Composition:
Cargo Obtained From Square Rock L-Point (shown in order it appeared on inventory): Cpu Parts, Audio Equipment, Mobile Comms, Cyber Eyes, Data Cards, Laser Detectors, Nano Assemblers, Nano Surgeons, Robotic Arms, Hull Repair Kits, Station Components, Wiring, Spirits, Gold Jewellery, Luxury Furniture, Mood Stabilizers, Bric-A-Brac, Furniture, Hygiene Goods, Office Supplies, Immunosuppressants, Crisis Vac Suits, Nitro Bacteria, Primates, Yeast, Food Pills, Pseudo Shake, Synthetic Protein, Recovered Meat, Plastic Waste, Exotic Metals, Feed Stock Soya, Plastic Blocks, Plastic Pellets, Plastic Cables, Uranium, Fuel Pellets, Fuel Rods, Air, Helium3, Unprocessed Gas, Deionized H2o, Neutronium Ore, Houseplants, Raw Sewage.

Traffic: Quite Busy.
Traffic Composition: Maas, Independent, an odd Navy or Government ship.

Cargo Composition:
Lots of metal bars, ingots and the like. Some station elements from time to time, general supplies (the kind of stuff you get from distress calls). A megatransport carrying mostly raw sewage and Office stuff does a regular run here.
Traffic: Quite.
Traffic Origin: The nearby Reservation asteroid base is the origin of most of the traffic.

Cargo Composition:
General supplies mostly, from time to time megatransport carrying animals and flora, an odd cargo of medium value goods here and there.
Traffic: Nothing much came through when I went there.
Traffic Composition/Origin: Mostly civilian and governement escorted Jeep transports. All traffic comes from the nearby Skallywag asteroid base.

Cargo Composition:
Traffic: Not much traffic either here.
Traffic Destination: Lots of empty transports jumping back to Hot Rocks.

Cargo Composition:
Some ships carrying weapons without escorts (mining charge, Flares pack).


Traffic: Quite Busy.
Traffic Destination: Traffic seems to head mostly for Peace and St Erasmus L-point, some to Kiri-Bi.

Cargo Composition:
Lots of rare metals, some misc ores, station supplies (same as general supplies but with an odd cargo from the Environment category). A juicy unescorted transport with Gold jewels, Fur coats and even a Gatling cannon come through from time to time.
Traffic: Quite
Traffic Composition: Some megatransports transit through here.

Cargo Composition:
Lots of basic supplies, an assorted shipment of medical equipment/good from time to time.
Traffic: Quite Busy
Traffic Composition: N/A

Cargo Composition:
Lots of ordinary ore, basic supplies an odd weapon pack (missiles, rockets), a juicy unescorted transport with nano-stuff, luxury goods, medical body parts and a gatling cannon again. Some terraforming equipment (purifiers) also came through.
Traffic: Quite Busy
Traffic Composition: N/A

Cargo Composition:
A bit of everything, it looks like interstellar L-points do have a bit of every category of cargo transiting through them, about the only things I didn't see was ship systems/weapons (though other people have).
Traffic: Quite Busy
Traffic Composition: N/A

Cargo Composition:
A good spot to get raw metals like ore, gold ore, silver ore, platin, neutronium and rare metals. i shoot down 4 transporters - only with 4 tugs as escort - and got something like 40pods of this stuff.
Traffic: Medium-Low.
Traffic Composition: Maas freighters and indie snrvs. A freighter full of Dionized water.

Cargo Composition:
Metal Bars, Plant Pulp, Clone Bone Tissue, Hand Tools, Soya few, Missile Warhead, Body Armor few, Flare Pack few, Several Food Blocks, Neutronium Ore few, Neutronium, Bric a Brac, Miscasts, Nitrates, Sulphur, Euphorics, Hand Weapons, Birds, Fish, Books, Firecon Sensors few, Battle Pack, Missile Parts, Microengineering Tools, Helium3, Drinking Water, Reactor Spares, Uncut Gemstones, Crisis Vac Sts, Hull Repair Kits, Yaks, DNA Changers, Plastic Cable, Plastic Gel, Sodium, Scrap Metal.
Traffic: High.
Traffic Composition: Maas freighters and SNRVs.

Cargo Composition:
Scrap Metal, Battle Scrap, Computer Scrap, and Miscasts. Hull Plates, Cap Drive Parts, Feed Stock, Reactor Spares, Cyber Eyes, Medical Drugs, Synthetic Protein, Pseudo Shake, Stimulants, Rice, Anasthetics, Air, Oxygen, Edible Fungi, Food Blocks, Hand Tools, Audio Eq, Food Pills, Field Generators, CPU Parts, House Plants, Rad. Wate, Animal Feed, Agri Harvesters, Mood Stabilizers, Office Supplies, Fruit, Potatos, Batteries, Vegies, Hull Repair Kits, LasTanks, Rocks, Rubble, Ships Systems, Mobile Coms, Neutronium Ore, Oil, Grain, Mood Stabilizer, Caffine, Religious Goods, Med Kits, Plastic Gel, T-Form Bac., Neutronium.
Traffic: Heavy.
Traffic Composition: Maas freighters and SNRVs.

Cargo Composition:
Crisis Vac Suit, Leaf tobacco, Neutronium ore, Reactor spares, Nano surgeons, Mobile comms, Habitation pods, Office Supplies, Modified insects, Mood Stabilizers (ahh..), Mood Enhancers (woohoo!), Batteries, Immuno supplies, Toys, Nitro bacteria, Heavy Girders, Floor Plates, Hull Plates, CPU parts, Disposasuits, Medkits, Uniforms, Sugar cane, DI Water, Hand tools, Drinking water, Audio equipment, Dirty Ice, Crushed Ice, Caviar, Aerodynes, REM pack, Carbon, Edible Fungi, Air, Grain, Food Pills, Rice, Plastic Pellets, Animal Feed, Plant Pulp, Synthetic Cheese, Zero Brew, Liquefied Fuel, Psudo Shake, Food Block, Soya, Hull repair kits, Uniforms, Synthetic Protein, Meal in Bar, Yeast, Oxygen, Processed Meat (Spam, spam, spam, spam.), Potatoes, Tank Parts, Teal Coffee.
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