The Art of Manual Jumps - Posted by Foeth


Use manual jumps for either specific mission goals or to skip the waiting line. Go to the starmap (toggle up or shift-M). Zoom in completely on the jump point you want to jump from, preferably already being there before initiating manual jump. If you are completely zoomed in you'll notive that the text "zoom in" is now "jump destination". Select it and you can now select the jump destination using left/right, the actual destination is in the top left of the cornerm, text only. You will not see it on the starmap! Press "fire" to select the jump. If all goes right you're back in cockpit view with the jump icon glowing. You're all set up, just fly through the Lagrange point.


Jumstart with Weapons - Posted by Matthew Smith


Strictly speaking, this isn't a question but a game curiosity.


Before taking your grandmothers ship out for the last mission in act 0 - strip it of all weapons and gadgets. You get to use them 15 years later...


MCA Terraforming


Q. A mission asks me to get Terraforming materials from the MAAS Liberty warehouse, but there's no MAAS warehouse with that name. I've gone to the Solan Liberty Warehouse but nothing happens. What do I do?


A. The warehouse is indeed the Solan Liberty Warehouse, but there was a problem in the mission which prevented it from working. Install the F14.6 patch to fix the problem.


Getting Hanged by the Sheriff


Q. The game hangs after I visit the Sheriff at the Blue Note Social Club. How do I fix this?


A. Install the F14.6 patch.


Unknown Cargo


Q. Some missions are giving me unknown cargo, which vanishes when I get to the base. What can I do about this?


A. Install the F14.6 patch.


Inventory Items


Q. How can I find out what new items I have in my Inventory?


A. New items in the inventory have a + symbol next to them.


Saving the Game


Q. How can I save my game?


A. You can only save the game at the base. You can do this by pressing Escape at the Base menu, and selecting Save from the menu. The option is in the quit game menu.


Adding LDA's - (posted by James Moore)


Q. What's this shield synchronizer thingie for? How do I add a second LDA onto it?


A. Originally the shield synchroniser was going to allow you to mount a second Light LDA in parallel with an existing shield (actually giving you a reason to trade for light LDA's ) so you could see you had multiple shields, but this was simplified to the syncronsier automatically adding a second lighter shield, making that facing better defended ( basically altering the base shields hold and reliability).




Q. How do I manually launch flares?


A. See how there's a dedicated slot for "Countermeasures" when you're configuring your ship loadout? Well, interestingly enough, if you go into the configuration of one of your main missile launchers (you know, the one loaded with LDSI missiles and stuff), you'll find you can load Countermeasures into that. From there, you can launch them at will!


Head for Base - I haven't the Time


Q. Do I REALLY have to travel through X number of systems every time I want to get back to base? I mean, geez, there's seeing the sights, and then there's getting SICK of the sights!


A. Never fear! Thanks to the brilliant dev team, they implemented code that takes you back to your base very quickly. Simply target the "Lucrecia's Base" waypoint, and, presuming you're a large distance from the nearest L-Point or from the base itself, hit the F8 key. You'll immediately teleport home shortly after your LDS drive engages. Handy!


In the Speed Zone


Q. Screw the traffic, how can I go faster than a speed of 250 when I'm inside of a speed limited zone?


A. Hold down the "thrust override (forward)" key (by default it's W.. of course, if you were man enough to change your configuration, you're probably not even reading this) and take off! Watch for small, fast moving objects, they tend to leave a nasty smear.


Question About Jaffs


Q. When you collect crates (mark them for collection y key) and then signal Jaff to come and get them, and then you either LDS away or jump out of the system, does Jaffs still collect these or do we have to wait around until he gets them and goes back to Lucrecia's?

If he does collect them if you have left the system, does he only collect up to 12 or keep coming back until all marked pods have been collected?


A. You don't have to stick around and wait for Jafs to load up. If you fly away, jump out, or return to base he will pick up whatever you've tagged, up to a maximum of 12 pods.


Ammo Depletion


Q. How does this work exactly? I have 2 gatling gun ammos, 3 seeker missile, 5 harrower "packs", yet they never seem to depelete, even if I shoot them all off in a mission. Does just posessing the ammo itself make you have unlimited? Or am I missing something?


A. Each cargo pod of ammunition (cannon rounds or missiles) contains enough for several loads. When you return to base your ship is automatically reloaded, so a cargo pod of 40 harrowers can keep you stocked up for several missions.

Later in the game, when you can have several missile launchers with internal magasines you'll be able to carry a lot more missiles and get through them a lot faster.


Lost Clusters


Q. Okay, I'm in the new system after having my base moved for the second time (without my permission mind you) and I'm trying to get back to the badlands cluster. I've used the jump accelerator twice during missions but can't get back to the Badlands.


A. Sorry, but once you've been moved to the Gagarin cluster, you can't go back.


Seeing Double on Freighter Escort Mission (Europe Version only)


Q. What's up with this MCA Freighter Escort mission? I'm getting two waypoints and two convoys. What the hell?


A. You need to download and install the latest patch. F14.6 patch.
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