Weapons TRI: (posted by Sinner):
Always turn up your Weapons power in TRI. Just adding another 25-50% makes a significant improvement in your damage at mid-ranges.


Weapons Loadout: (posted by Sinner):
Limit the energy weapons you carry. Take the highest damage PBC you can carry in pairs. Variety is not the spice of space-life. 2 Neutron PBC, with a cutting beam to soften up large targets. Leave the quad light PBC home, once you are out of the Tug. It's rate of fire doesn't make up for the lack of penetration. (Size does matter!) Fewer energy weapon types, means less you have to cycle through in the heat of combat. Personally I like to switch between Neutron PBCs for most combat, then cycle over to a cutting beam or gatling cannon for short range high damage delivery.


T-fighters: (posted by Sinner):
Mount your T-fighters with high damage PBCs when pirating, they are damn accurate and allow you to engage 2 targets at one time.

When on missions, load T-fighters with weapons appropriate to the enemies you will face. Rapid Fire PBC will help significantly with fighters and interceptors.

Under normal conditions, T-fighters should be on Fire at Will. You may not notice, but it will help keep enemies from harassing your rear. When you've got a target lined up fat and juicy in your HUD, a tap of the "Attack my Target" key and your target will quickly be destroyed.

If you have not been using T-fighters, USE them. T-fighters allow you to fire on multiple targets at once. The firepower they possess is almost like having a 2nd corvette or patcom with you. In heavy combat they can be undocked and used to keep the heat off you.

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