General Missions

General Mission 19 - Big Jack's Jewels
Q. How do I get the uncut jemstones? Please help keep Big Jack away!
A. Obviously this mission might be a bit confusing for some, as they would often jump to the Ursus Metals Mine, only to find nothing there except a ship called "Prospector" floating around. Turns out this little ship is your actual target. Pump it full of hot steaming plasma for a bit and watch as it coughs up the cargo!


General Mission 32 - To Terraform a Planet
Q. Where is the MAAS Warehouse in Liberty?
A. There is no MAAS wharehouse in Liberty. Find the Solan Warehouse instead. This was a glitch in the Script objective [see Bugs & Fixes].


Act 0 Prelude

Act 0 - Mission 1 Home Sweet Home
Just do as Clay says.


Act 0 - Mission 2 Proving Grounds
Training session covering, the good old through the loops, REM linking and weapons test.


Act 0 - Mission 3 Grand Tour
Just as it is.


Act 0 - Mission 4 Errand Boy
Q. I'm trying to pirate cargo from the Belrano. I destroyed the escort and inflicted enough damage on the Belrano for them to drop their cargo. I don't know how to pick up the cargo!


A. Dock to it, by pressing F8. As you would dock to stations. Then go to the waypoint of the guy who wants it.


Act 0 - Mission 5 Junkyard Challenge
Q. I'm stuck on the "Get Fuel Rods" mission.


A. Most likely you're either having trouble getting to the reactor core itself, or are getting your arse pounded on the way out of the area. I'll cover on how to appropriately handle both.

To get near the core, play it stealthy and careful. As you approach your target, note carefully the positions of the patrol ships in relation to the core. They should be at least 2 KM from it, more if possible of course. Also try to position your approach so that the core is between you and the station, precisely.

Your getaway is simple. So simple, in fact, that you barely need anything aside from your basic thrusters, drive, and LDS system. Once Clay says that you've got the shiny new Fuel Rods, hit "U", aim away from the reactor (preferably also away from the nearby station), and hold down the "W" key. Oh, and I'd advise you to have your barf-bags handy, because your little Storm Petrel's got one hell of a kick to it. Once you're clear of the LDSI field (which should be roughly 3-5 seconds), target your home base and fly off to install your new toys and turn off those depressing emergency lights.


Q. How can I escape with the fuel rods from the Junkyard?


A. Make sure your autopilot is off, and use your thruster override key ( W ) to boost your ship away from the junkyard. When your ship is outside the LDSi filed, engage your LDS drive and run away in LDS.


Act 0 - Mission 6 Nemesis
No questions as of yet.

Act 1 Hoffer's Wake

The most common issue with this act is the receiving of messages and missions or rather the lack of them. Essentially, pirating is the order of the day. Don't sit around waiting for things to happen, get out there and kick butt. The missions will come sure enough.


Act 1 Invite to Haven Station
Q. I received the email inviting me to go to Haven station, so I meet up with the tug to take me there, it drops me off near the station, I get a cinematic with my palm-pilot guy saying "ooh, what a pretty site". Then it tells me to dock with the station, so I do, I get the director cut of me docking, but right when the docking piece hits the station my ship takes hull damage and I'm not docked. It just kinda sits there shaking.
A. This is purely a site seeing tour. Do not dock to Haven.


Act 1 - Hoffer's Wake
Q. I've completed the first piracy mission, but nothing else seems to be happening. What do I need to do?.
A. You need to make a name for yourself as a pirate, so go and pirate some cargo. When you've pirated enough cargo someone will contact you.


Act 1 - Mission 1 - The Great Escape
No questions as of yet.


Act 1 - Mission 2 - The Stepsons
Q1. I've been pirating for ages, but have still not received any contact for missions from the Stepsons.
A. Generally speaking, you need to reach a quota of 50 cargo pods before the communication lines start buzzing. You got to be good for the Stepsons to take note.


Q2. Ok. I have been trying to get through this mission for FAR to long now! I get to the Navy Defense Station, but I see no transport carrying "Personal Weapons" in it's cargo. The only transport that I DO see, that is there everytime I go to the station, is a transport carrying "Unknown", and it's escorted by three cruisers.
A. the "unkown" is the cargo you're looking for.


Q3. I joined the Stepsons and they sent me off to loot some cargo from a gov't ship. I axed the escorts, but the ship jumped.I followed it and got blown away. Went back to Stepsons and they said to go get it. Go where?
A. Go re-load your Autosave slot, be sure to nail the transport first, THEN worry about the escorts. It's also interesting to note, if you want to play this really smart, that if you load up on seeking missiles then you can stand off and pound the escorts into rubble, since they don't turn hostile until you close in on the transport. Minor glitch in the mission AI.
Q4. I can't get Jafs to complete the delivery of the guns to the Stepsons. I call Jafs to pick up the load, then when I go back to base the mission is not completed.
A. First try completing the deal through the Trading screen. If this fails, don't worry, this mission isn't critical and you can carry on about your business.


Act 1 - Mission 3 Joint Forces
Q. In the mission where you team up with a bunch of wingmates to take out the Marauder base, I can't figure out how to destroy it! And that Gunstar doesn't help matters either.
A1. It all comes down to your basics. See the cargo cache of cute high explosive thingies nearby? Gee golly, certainly would be a shame if they went off nearby the Station, wouldn't it? ..Okay, enough screwing around, dock to one of those suckers. Get a good line-up on the Station, back up a little if you need to, then fly STRAIGHT for the station. Make sure your speed is at least... oh, 800km/s (just to be safe). When you're just about on top of the station, smack the U key, aim down (or up), and watch that sucker blow! Repeat the process if you need for the Gunstar (assuming it wasn't taken out already), or just do what I did and use your T-Fighters to knock the thing out from range.
A2. [by Dr Barnowl] If you pack some mining charges, one of these detnoted against the gunstar will i) do about 25% damage to it ii) Impart a nice steady 300 metres/s velocity to it. After 30 seconds or so, the gunstar is no longer a threat, because it floats helplessly out of range. You have to be quite careful , because mining charges have a range of almost 10km, and the gunstar has a range of about 9.8km. If you wait long enough, it floats out of sensor range and Jafs will be happy to pick up the pods once the base is down.


Act 1 - Mission 4 - The Heist
Q. I'm stuck on the mission where I have to get the Maas Fighters.
A. Without a doubt one of the most sought-after mission-help-requests thus far. The mission where you have to retrieve a pair of prototype Maas fighters suffers from vagueness, confusion, and some massive tightness in the scripting that fails you if you don't do everything JUST right. Based on experience of going through this mission at least 6 times successfully (both in the demo and full version), I offer the following information:

First, one area of confusion is what exactly one should bring the trader in the junkyard in exchange for the Maas IFF. Head back to your base and search for a piece of cargo in your inventory that has a recycling value of at least 60. If you don't have one.... aquire one Attach it to your ship (through the Loadout menu's rather obvious "Add Cargo" button) and haul it off to the good lad to get your shiny new IFF.

Now, once you reach the Maas Base and Jafs has come to a full stop, remote link to the tug called "Drone" (Shift+R) and have it dock with the cargo pod called "Useful Looking Cargo". Fly the pod over to the other pod called "Fighters'. This is the part where most people get lost. You need to hit the F2 key from here (making sure the "Fighters" pod is targetted) and line up the aft of your ship to be facing the "Fighters" pod. Get as close as possible to it, then smack "U". This should all be set up so that the "Useful Looking Cargo" pod smacks into the "Fighters" pod and takes it's place. Then, dock with the "Fighters" pod, and, taking a round-about route back to your ship (not sure if this is entirely necessary, but better safe than sorry), unload the pod into the Refuse Dump. If all goes to plan, you should be able to terminate the REM link safely. Jafs will undock your tug and pick up the "Fighters" pod. Formate with him as he jumps out, and head on home. Congrats, you did it!


Q. How do I steal the Maas fighters?
A1. You must swap the 'useful looking pod' for the fighter pod. To do this you'll need to remote-link to the drone and use it to dock to the 'useful looking pod' and place it right next to the fighter pod, then move the fighter pod ( using the drone ) next to the garbage dump waypoint. Jafs will then pick up the pod, and you can run away from the base.


Simply done:
  1. Gain clearence (IFF)
  2. undock from jafs in the debris field
  3. REM-link to the drone
  4. Use the drone to dock to the useful cargo pod
  5. take the useful pod to the fighter pod
  6. undock the drone from the useful pod and dock with the fighter pod
  7. take the fighter pod back to jafs.
  8. un-REM-link from the drone.
  9. leave


Act 1 - Mission 5 - Marauder Cache
Q. How do I get the Marauders Cache?
A. A good way to do this is to use your t-fighters to attack one of the ships while you launch about two missiles at each corvette when that has happened they will stop attacking E.R Oregon & they will come after you.Just dispatch all of the targets then he will give you a waypoint to the Marauder cache name mining beacon.

When you get there you should see a freighter, try to destroy it first so that you can recieve some Gatling cannons as well as LDS Class 2. Then just take care of the escorts & the mission will be finished


Q. Hey! I was promised an Assualt Cannon - what gives?
A. It's a bug/typo. What you actually get is a gatling cannon, not assault cannon.


Act 1 - Mission 6 - The Trouble With Gunstars
Q. I´m more or less stuck in this mission. I´ve made it more than one time to deactivate 5 of them. But the 6th kills me then - or I´m killed sooner. So what can I do to accomplish that mission?
A1. If you've deactivated 5, then the last one should be pretty easy. Stand off from it just outside its gun range while you auto-repair to full strength. Then wait 'till it's offline, and use manual thrust override to get in behind it and activate the docking autopilot at the last moment to dock.
A2. The trick is to dock AFTER you have passed the Gunstar. Say for the first one, you target the one in front of your ship, then wait until the Gunstar turns yellow.

Hit U to undock then hit the W key heading towards the Gunstar. Sail 2 km past the Gunstar then hit F8 to dock. You should be able to dock safely, and wait for your shield to recharge. Now since you dock at the OTHER side of the gunstar, you will not be hit (one user reports that he was hit while docking, true, but I think he docks on the wrong side of the gunstar).

A3.[by FAMS] Stay docked to the station and just take in the pattern of the power failures. You will notice that they all arm and then one by one go offline until they are all offline and then repeat (and rinse if needed). Just before they all go offline undock (this give an extra few seconds), use W to accelerate, let go of W when you about 1/2 to 3/4 way there, swing behind the gunstar (ie make the gun star between you and the station). Engage auto dock. Select the next gun star and wait till they're nearly all offline, Fly towards that one and do the same. You might want to fire a disruptor at it, just in case it comes online again. Repeat the above, make sure you're fully repaired before you zot off again. If you get hit while docking to a GS push the joystick up, it seems to work! Dunno why.


Q. How can I disable the gunstars around the abandoned FTL station?
A. Go for a gunstar just as it's turning off, and boost towards it using thruster override. The docking port is on the rear of the gunstar. When you've docked stay there until you're fully repaired, then choose your moment and thrust towards the next gunstar. Disrupters are very useful in this mission if you have them, as you can disrupt the gunstars to prevent them firing on you.


Act 1 - Mission 7 - Showdown
Q. I keep getting hosed by that marauder assassin ship. After we have destroyed all its bombers, it comes straight at me and wastes me. I tried running away and having my wingmen attack it, but the cutscene showed the bombers destroying Hoffers Gap, and of course I lost the mission. How do I take this thing out? It seems my tug is no match for it!
A1. Take out the destroyer before it launches fighters. Take your T-Fighters and your wingmen and order them to attack it, then go in and attack it too. Ignore the other ships that are destroying the gunstars
A2. I hid inside hoffners gap when it came after me, and lured it within range of my gunstars. It was unable to hit me with its cannons, but kept trying. Those 4 gunstars i'd activated, as well as my wingmen, made short work of it. This method might be safer.


Act 1 - Mission 8 - League Initiation
Q. I'm having serious issues with the mission where you have to fly to the navy devence base and use the paint droid to paint a logo on the cruiser. How do you do it?
A1. OK once your at the dumping waypoint, undock with the drone, then target it then the Rem link should work.

A2. When you go to the meeting point to pick up the drone, use the "cruise control (F6)" all the way. Sometimes the script get's outta wack if you deviate just a tiny little bit from the plan. I also discovered that if you get Marauders on an inbound vector, the ship which had the drone won't release it to you properly. This may not be the case for everyone, but it was to me. The only way I could ever get those ships to properly release those drones to me, was when I had a clear scope. And were at the excact designated spot when it was released. Kinda drag, but it got the script going as planned.

REM link the drone and dock it with your tug. Disconnect the drone and take off. When you get close enough to your destination, you should get the "munitions dump" waypoint. Now, just select it and hit F6. When you get there, and your tug comes to a complete stop, try to REM link your drone. At this point, the REM link should normally work. If not, try to undock it 1st. If it still doesn't work, go back there and kick it loose from the docking collar.


Act 1 - Mission 9 - Construction Yard
Q. Ok, how the heck do I cut the crew section off with the drone? I tried getting closer then 500kms but it doesn't do anything. what am i doing wrong?
A. How to do LoR mission:
  1. When you go to the area, officer starts to talk to you. Say you are a friend of the captain and you are to visit him.
  2. Undock the drone.
  3. REM it next to habitation module.
  4. Watch the cutscene where the droid cuts the module.
  5. Dock with the LoR.
  6. REM it to meetin waypoint.


Act 1 - Mission 10 - Lucrecia's Hoard
Q. Damnit Jim, I'm a space pirate, not a stellar cartographer! How the hell do I triangulate the location of Lucretia's hidden stash?
A. Lucretia took the means of finding it's location to her death. But, however, she DID give you a little speech from beyond the grave when you first found the base, didn't she? On a completely unrelated note, it's sure a good thing she stuck a date and time on that Will of hers...
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