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7z01080p CinematicsHOT
(6 votes)

Original cinematics from Independence War 2 upscaled to 1920x1080 and remastered with AI learning.

Note: This file is very big and the download might get interrupted on slower connections - click this link if you need an alternative download method.

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zip1Bypass Wolf's LairHOT
(7 votes)

This is just for archiving purposes! Generally, you want patch F14.6 and the community patch if you have the CD version. 

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zip2EoC Community Patch - 22 September 2022HOT
(7 votes)

This community patch mainly fixes the "Wolf's Lair" mission progression bug as well as the game crashing when visiting the Dagda system in Act 2. Install it just like a regular mod by putting it into the mod folder in your game directory.

More information about how this patch was made can be found here.

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zip3EoC Patch Ver F12.0 - 16 July 2001 HOT
(1 vote)

This is just for archiving purposes! Generally, you want patch F14.6 if you have the CD version.

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zip4EoC Patch Ver F14.6 - 10 October 2001HOT
(11 votes)

The latest patch for Edge of Chaos.

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zip5Jacksons Yard Patch - 16 November 2001HOT
(6 votes)

This patch fixes a specific problem in Act 2 of Edge Of Chaos, where a character called Frederick Jackson at a station called Jackson's Yard will not speak to you, which can prevent progress through the game.

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zip6Widescreen 16:9 In-Game MoviesHOT
(9 votes)

The original videos of I-War 2 are encoded in 4:3 format, with horizontal bars. If you haven't changed the in-game video scaling settings, your movies are super-stretched horizontally and ugly looking. These video files are in 16:9 format without the bars.

Just replace the contents of the X:/Independence War 2 - Edge of Chaos/movies folder (make a backup first if you want to) and enjoy!

Note: If your internet connection is slow, you might not get the full file. Try this download link as an alternative then.

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