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Phoenix Part 3 : The Titan
Phoenix Part 3 : The Titan
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Requirements: I-War One DeLuxe and the Mission Devkit Alpha

(NOTE: This is nearly exactly like the Defiance mission 'Break and Enter'. This is purely coincidence as this mission was made first).

Your mission is to capture the first Independent Cruiser while it is relatively vunrable. Start with some stealth and a forged ID beacon, then locate the cruiser and call in the fleet. A large battle awaits.

The first mission in a series of four. In this mission, you will take part in a typical Indie raid on a naval STC. Clear the area of any navy vessels then protect the tugs as they 'Liberate' the cargo containers. Be quick and keep your wits about you, the navy is never that far away.

Quite a hard mission, so try to stay away from fighting until you have some backup.

Mission comes with custom textures and a crew guide.


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