Act Two - The Badlands

Act 2 - How can I get the PatCom ship?
A. To get a new ship near the beginning of Act 2 you must perform a mission for the MCA. To get this mission you will need to speak to Frederick Jackson at Jackson's Yard in Coyote, and follow his instructions to assist the Ambassador at the Brotherhood Exile Ark in Santa Romera. After you have saved the Ambassador, he will email thanking you and send you details to meet Indigo at the Ritz. When you get there, Indigo will behave rudely, ignore this and go back to base. You will receive an apology from her and a request for help. Help her and you'll get your ship.
Act 2 - Where can I find the pilots?
A. You need to complete these missions, and perform these tasks to get the pilots:
  • Trouble At the Ranch: Once the mission has been completed you will need to travel to the Eureka System Administration and talk to the Third Way Elder - Upon docking to the station, select the second dialogue option twice and the Third Way will pledge pilots to the cause
  • Meet The Oman: Once this mission is complete, you need to head to Daru-el-Salam, the Oman Headquarters around the planet Jahim. Upon docking to the station, you can just ask for pilots and the Oman will help
  • High Noon: Once this mission is complete, you need to head to Sheriff Kane's station - the Firefrost System Administration that is around the planet Sunflower, a moon off Gefjon, which is around the Sun Firefrost III. Upon docking, you can request pilots
Act 2 - Mission 1 - Picking up the Pieces
Q. I must be missing somthing, when I try to complete the mission where the Marauders destroy Space Haven Station and I am tasked with first making sure the two rescue ships depart safely, then escort the LOR platform, the mission never ends. I just played it for over forty minutes, I personally killed 98 corvettes before getting killed myself. What has to be done to win this mission? LOR appears to be stationary while I am flying around killing every enemy ship in sight.
A. Wait untill the tugs finished grabbing the survivors. Then you are told to formate with the LOR Platform, and then you should take off.
Act 2 - Mission 2 - Meet the Oman
Q. This "Oman Wisdom Trial" is making my head hurt.
A1. [by The Merciful]. You're not the only one. Fortunately, here's the solution to it. Note that you'll probably have to rotate your craft in order to get the proper perspective on how this should be. The abbreviations should be self-explanitory.

Key: AP - Apes WE - Weasels GO - Goats CO - Cows YA - Yaks
A2. [by Dr Barnowl]. For those that wish to complete the challenge without resorting to the solution, but are destroying the cargo pods before they finish, a hint. Direct all the training vessels power towards shields or engines, and pull back to about 3km from the pods. This lowers the damage done by each hit from 10% to 3%, giving you 3 times as many mistakes to make.
Q. Meet the Oman: CUNNING
A1. There are numerous ways around this the best one i.e. the one that's worked for most, is to use your LDS drive at all times and use Autopilot approach to waypoint (this is so you don't overshoot and loose your way and time). You'll whiz through the asteroid belts and pass the Gunstars. Position yourself as close to the start of the trial position as you can. The last issue on this attempt, is that when the approach slows down before reaching the waypoint (as it does), you're open to Gunstar attack. You'll need at this moment to switch off autopilot and LDS manually to the waypoint. Once there you can hit auto approach to the next waypoint.

The other option which is harder is to use the asteroids as protection, if you play it right; a) the Gunstars won't see you and b) the asteroids will protect you. The downside to this is time. Also, if you can, arm yourself with disruptor missiles to confuse the Gunstars.

Wait to do this series of tests until you have the ship's self defence program, which you should get early on if you play your cards right.

A2. [by Celegorm]

What happens is a brutal display of just how powerful your ship can be, and how bad the autopilot is at fireing weapons, although with turretfighters loaded with rockets for the cunning trial, they make really short work of the gunstars. and its amazing how fast they dust off the hunter seeker mines, long before you can even get close to the starting point (rapidfire PBC's range is outside that of the starting waypoint).

Reason being is this. The way the AI is set up, as soon as a target is hit by a target with more of a potential for destroying it, it changes its primary target. The way the self defence program works, is whenever you switch to a REM ship, it defends it automatically. Release an REM fighter, and two turret fights, and you suddenly have yourself a nice little fighting force.

So, by adding those two components together you have a sparkelingly easy ride. all you have to do is fly from point A to B. piece a cake. The ship will blow the gunstars out of the water in the same succession that you move down teh field, and i rarely took many hits. I had more trouble getting from A to B inside the timeframe.

By doing this the only gunstar that ever was able to land a hit on me was the very last.

The downside to this is that when the gunstars are destroyed the asteroids are pushed away, so you can no longer use them to turn off the gunstars. The upside to this though, is that its a lot easier to fly from A to B.

Q. Meet the Oman: COURAGE
A. [by Jumbo]
  1. DONT go to the start waypoint!
  2. Dock with the pod... easy because the mine are not activated yet.
  3. Fly to the start waypoint and be congratulated for your courage.
  4. Allow yourself a cunning chuckle he he.
Act 2 - Mission 3 - Trouble at the Ranch
Q. Ok, Im trying to get the mine blueprints from the old pirate dude, but the mines decimate me every time I get to within 50km of his base! How do I deal with these mines?
A1. Drop out of LDS about 90KM from the base, and continue forward on normal thrust until you pick up the mines. Notice how as soon as they spot you they start coming after you (at 800m/s no less)? Let em get about 50km from you then start backing up... just keep backing up until the pirate's base is like 200km away, then engage LDS and head for the base. The mines are now too far away to notice you and you can completely ignore them .
Q. I've tried dropping off the mine blueprints to the Third Way, but they won't respond when I get there.
A. Basically you steal the blueprints for yourself. Take them back to your base, use the blueprints to make several pods of Seeker Mines, then, drop off a pod of mines at Lucifuge.
Act 2 - Mission 4 High Noon
Q. I'm trying to get the Sheriff in Firefrost to help me, but the game keeps crashing/locking up during the mission! What's wrong?
A. While this problem is supposedly fixed in the patch, some people just possibly might still have it. Here's how I got through it. I went to the Blue Note in Firefrost. Chatted with the girl. I then returned to my base and saved, re-launched, and moved on to the Sheriff's place at Gefjon. After getting a waypoint to the Posse meeting, I went back home and saved AGAIN, then went to the Posse. I completed the mission provided there, went home, and managed to successfully save. It's a lot of trouble, I know, but if the patch didn't fix it for you, this is the best fix I've got.
Act 2 - Mission 5 - Blockade Runner
Q. Where you are supposed to protect the MCA convoy, after recieving the mission briefing and the Toadskin L-point is added to your contacts list I head there through the nearest L-point (St Georges L-Point), but instead of jumping to Toad Skin it goes to some other L-point (usually Pestur L-Point). I go through this L-Point and the mission either automaticaly fails or I get blown to bits before I can get out.
A1. Once you receive your orders from the freighter convoy. Fly to St Georges L-Point. When you get there, manually set your jump destination in your navigation to the Toad Skin L-Point and fly through the St George L-Point manually i.e. do not use autopilot.

You'll get one hell of a reception, but that's all down to your fighting skills.

A2. [by Krunk]The problem is that the autopilot thinks it is quicker to get to toadskin via the L-Point you mentioned, rather than any other route. It doesn`t realise that going there causes mission failure. Heres the solution...

Take off and engage the autopilot for the waypoint you have been given. When you get to the first L-Point along the way, take a look at the jump destination which scrolls by in the text area at the bottom left of the screen. Take a look where that jump would put you. If its taking you along part of the correct route to toadskin, all is well. Let the autopilot do its thing. If its taking you along the path to the wrong L-Point, disengage the autopilot.

Go to the starmap and select the L-Point you are near to. Select the "Jump Destination" option and cycle through the destinations until you get one on the path to Toadskin. Press enter to select that jump destination. You should have the capsule jump icon to the right of your reticle by now, with the destination you selected printed next to it. Fly through the L-Point to do a manual capsule jump.

Now you can fire up the autopilot again. Just keep monitoring it along the way to check that it isn`t taking you in the wrong direction, and correct it if you need to. Usually, after one or two manual jumps it gets the correct route, because after you`ve been following the route for a while it becomes the quickest way to Toadskin anyway.

Act 2 - Mission 7 - The Exile
Q Where is the Brotherhood?
A. Brotherhood Ark in the Santa Romera system near the planet Faith look out for the planet Brotherhood.
Q. I found the Ambassador, but he didn't follow me.
A. After you have docked with the Ambassador's ship move away slowly and he will give you the IFF.
Act 2 - Mission 8 Corporate Holdings
Q. My game crashes during this mission. What to do?
A. Completing this mission is optional to the progression of Act 2. There are no known side-effects to not completing this mission.
Alternatively, you can use the following workaround to complete the mission while avoiding the crash: Jump from Pestur to Dadgda Alpha Prime to trigger the mission, then immediately jump back to Pestur without destroying the mines. Wait in Pestur for the mission to complete (the "destroy mines" objective will fail, but the remaining objectives will complete and Jarvis will thank you).
Act 2 - Mission 9 - Bloodhound
No questions as of yet.
Act 2 - Mission 10 - Grassy Knoll
Q. I've picked up the pod and taken it back to base but I don't see the Assualt Cannon in the inventory.
A. Get Jaffs to bring it back. Also, if you are using the Cutscene Mod, try switching it off for this mission.
Act 2 - Mission 11 - Unification
Q. I'm not getting this mission.
A. To get this mission you first need to ensure you have collected your pilots (see Where can I find the pilots?) and completed Act 2 - Mission 7. Then fly to Greenback in Hoffers Wake first before the Waypoint " ..... Rendesvous Point" appears in your contact list.
Act 2 - Mission 12 - Hunter or Hunted
No questions as of yet.
Act 2 - Mission 13 - The Kong Fracture
No questions as of yet.
Act 2 - Mission 18 - Momma Wolf
No questions as of yet.
Act 2 - Mission 20 - Battle of Mwari
No questions as of yet.
Act 2 - Mission 22 - Wolf's Lair
Q. How do I find the hidden Marauder base?
A. Remember your e-mails? Go to Firefrost system, and head for the closes distress signal to find some Marauders to follow. Do not engage, but formate one to follow it to a L-point. Keep it targeted while it jumps, and you should get its destaination due your capsule space tracker. Make sure your ship has the tracker. You get it with the advanced patcom.
Act 2 - Mission 23 - Suicide Run
Not implemented in game.
Act 2 - Mission 24 - Hide and Seek
Q. How do I get the antenna without alerting the Marauder Base?
A. You need to use a maintenance flitter.
Q. I'm having difficulty completing this mission?
A. There are two events that have to occur in order for "trigger flags" to be set and the mission to be successful. The first is that when you get to the Marauder HQ, you have to approach to within 10KM of the base. Smith will come onscreen to say that a flitter could move the antenna array from its current location to the comsec.

Good plan except you need a flitter. Therefore you now need to find a shipyard with some flitters lying around. If you search the other waypoints, you will come across the shipyard. Some flitters are parked nearby although far enough away from other activity that you can approach and steal one without anyone coming over to investigate. Before you can do this Smith & Clay have to "notice" these flitters (with the "trigger" conversation or else the flitter theft won't work). After you get the flitter and tow it back to the Marauder HQ, you have to remote pilot it to the antenna array. I found the best thing to do was to wait for the corvettes and interceptors to jump out and then waste the remaining maintenance flitters with long range missiles I had fitted to my comsec.

Then you don't have to waste time "timing it right." It's going to take a VERY long time for the flitter to move the antenna over to the comsec anyway without worrying about the alarm being raised.

Dock the antenna and move it to the L-point. once there, Smith will inform you that he still doesn't have enough power to transmit the signal. A field generator would do the trick, and if you scouted all the waypoints then you will have chanced upon the supply depot already.

That's good because you're going back there. The mission here is to indentify the pods holding the field generators.

You want to dock with a pod containing the field generators without the 'pod inspectors' catching you. After you dock, a field generator will be loaded onboard your ship. Undock, and get the hell out of there.

Go back to the antenna array at the Faust Alpha L-point (as it is now known) and as soon as you are in range, Smith will transmit the signal. The rescue ship will show up and mission complete.

In each sub-mission the conversation cutscenes have to run. IF they don't the flags won't be set, and nothing will happen when you take the actions that would complete the objectives

Act 2 - Mission 25 - Dante's Inferno
Q. How do I destroy the disruptor accelerators on the Cruiser? And what is the best weapon?
A. Target the blue lights on the Cruiser. Best weapon for this job; either Cutting Beam or Gatling Cannon or both.
Q. Any ideas on how I can get through this mission?
A. [by HLP-Reg-PhReAk] Set your loadout to the following:

Heavy corvette:
3 pulse-acc pbc
1 mining beam
2 neutron pbcs
1 pack of disruptors
2 packs of S-R LDSi (I only use missiles i can build)
seeker missiles
  1. Goto meeting waypt, get wingmen tell them to guard you and turn your active sensors and signal disruptor on, fly to maraduer HQ.
  2. At the marader HQ - cut off autopilot when LDS is shutoff. fly real close to the station and use your wingmen to guard you. Turn aim assist off and use the pulse-acc pbc against the gunstars. they should be taken care of in no time. Clean up and get away from the station when it blows. Wait for wingmen to autorepair (if needed). Fly to the depot
  3. I never had problems with the medusa being destroyed in LDS.. it may be me.. Tell the wingmen to guard the destroyer and just keep going after the maraduers. Kill some cargo pods with the mining beam once in a while. Make sure that your wingmen don't keep protecting the medusa after the station is destroyed, they will follow it into LDS. This was the easiest for me. After this objective is completed, wait for repair and goto the shipyard.
  4. When you reach the shipyard head for the cruiser and select the mining beam, have your wingmen guard you, set all power to weapons, and blast away at the connectors. They should be destroyed when the beam energy approaches 0%. Once the cruiser is freed, pop an LDSi in it's arse and use the neutrons on it. It goes boom at the same time as the station does. Head back to the rendezvous point.
  5. When the cutscene ends, switch power to engines and get behind the carrier and disrupt it. Tell all wingmen to attack it and rebalance power. You could also disrupt a cruiser to make your job easier. Maraduer/Maas fleet goes boom you are hero.

Act Three - Edge of Chaos

Act 3 - Mission 1 - Corporates on the Run
No questions as of yet.
Act 3 - Mission 2 - Clash of the Titans
No questions as of yet.
Act 3 - Mission 3 - Scavenger
No questions as of yet.
Act 3 - Mission 4 - Capture the Accelerator
Q. I've cleared the area, the marines have taken over, and the fleet is coming. I know I'm supposed to shoot the field generators inside the station, but how exactly? I've tried with aim assist off, different guns, etc.
A1. Try using the Cutting Beam or Twin Gattling Guns. Or better still a DeathBlow Missile.

A2. Zoom in closely on the INSIDE of the jump accelerator. Look closely at the center area of the blue glows. See the little objects sticking out? Use whatever means possible to destroy them. I personally let 'em have it with a Cutting Beam and PBC combo.. the PBC was a bit difficult to get any confirmed hits with, but the combination was able to do the job nicely. Once all of the blue glows are gone, you'll have completed that objective.

A3. Simple. See the blue glow thingies? Zoom in on them, and you'll notice a bunch of little objects in the middle of them. Whip out your biggest gun (A Cutting Beam did the trick for me) and unload into it untill it explodes. Move on to the next one, and the next, untill they're all gone. Of course, if you haven't figured it out already, these are located on the INSIDE of the jump accelerator.

A4. Another tactic that others have suggested/adopted (including the infamous Stephen Robertson, who you should all bow down to right this second) is to try using Deathblow REM missiles on the thing if your best beam weapon is somehow proving defective and just isn't doing the trick.

Act 3 - Mission 5 - Deep Cover
No questions as of yet.
Act 3 - Mission 6 - Smokescreen
No questions as of yet.
Act 3 - Mission 8 (7) - Get Hoffer
No questions as of yet.
Act 3 - Mission 9 - Antimatter Cordon
Q. Save the ship, kill the enemy. How do I do both?
A. [by the Sinner] You'll need a good weapons loadout option to do this. Load up with at least 4 Deathblow missiles, and LSDi missles. As the first wave attacks, launch a deathblow missile. You can destroy all but 2 corvettes in each wave with the deathblow. The LDSi missiles are used as counter measures.

Firing one at the freighter will cause any missiles in detonation range to be destroyed. Since missile fire is the biggest danger to the transport in this mission it works perfectly. Repeat the procedure for each wave.

Incidentally you can leave all 3 escorts docked to the freighter for the duration of the battle. You should have no trouble finishing off the 2 corvettes from each wave. Typically I tell my t-fighters to engage one(pulse accl pbcs) while I engage the other. Don't be afraid to unload 4-6 deadshot missles on each one. I also seed the area around the freighter with 10 seeker mines in the event a corvette gets through.

Act 3 - Mission 10 - Into Chaos
Q. Help please I'm on the mission where you have to blow up your base with anit-matter mines but I just can't seem to keep the stupid idiot Jaffs alive.
A. The trick is not to hang around Jafs as you'll get swarmed. Autopilot approach or manual LDS to each alien as it appears. Just 2 or 3 shots from a pair of AM PBC's does the trick just fine. In fact only AM weapons appear to do the job.
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