Ivanova sat next to Lennier and Douglas on the bridge of the Ark Royal. Douglas was sitting, looking relaxed and monitoring his console. The rest of the bridge crew seemed to be continuing with their various tasks. She'd been introduced to the pilot, Commander Smith, who'd mumbled some kind of greeting in reply and Lieutenant Kelly, the Engineer, who'd shook her hand and welcomed her with a smile.

The officer, who had shown her to the quarters she's been allocated, turned around to look at Douglas.

"Sir, is Hyperspace travel always so...?" He paused trying to think of the right term. "bad for the stomach lining?"

Douglas smiled.

"Yes Ensign." Clanwellin's face seemed to drop. "But you do get used to it."

"We're approximately two minutes from the B5 Jump Gate." whispered Smith.

"Mr. Lennier." Douglas turned to face the Minbari, "You'd better get back in your quarters if you don't want to be recognised. I'm going to have to leave you in there until we leave."

Lennier nodded. "I understand and I'm grateful."

"Mr Clanwellin will escort and secure you in your quarters."

Clanwellin and Lennier left the bridge.

"Are you protecting him?" asked Ivanova.

"Of course. Everybody on this ship technically owes him their life." He glanced at Smith. "Even if some people don't like it. What did he do?"

Ivanova looked troubled for a second. "I don't know. He won't talk about it and I know that Delenn and John don't talk about it."

"I see." said Douglas.

"Reversion in ten seconds." announced Smith.

Clanwellin walked back onto the bridge, and sat at his station.

"I wonder how they're going to react?" he said.

"Probably with a full armed escort." replied Ivanova.

"Clanwellin. Disarm weapons but keep the LDA's on'line." ordered Douglas, "Don't want to be on the end of a trigger happy star fury pilot's guns."

"Aye Aye Sir." responded Clanwellin.

"Reversion mark." announced Smith.

The view ports flashed and the stomach churning effects of hyperspace disappeared. In its place were the stars, a planet and probably the largest space station Douglas had ever seen. 5 Miles from the front to the back it looked like a giant cigar in space. Even from the distance of the jump gate, he could see the rotating sections, which created the gravity for the station.

He looked round at the crew. Smith seemed to examine it end to end over and over again. Clanwellin just stared at it, jaw wide open. Kelly let a small impressed whistle escape. Ivanova wasn't even looking; she was just staring at the floor. He didn't need to use his abilities to see that this was upsetting for her.

"Now that is impressive." said Douglas turning to her.

She brought her head up and Douglas could see that her eyes were wet.

"Not really the homecoming you were expecting?" he quietly asked.

"You should ask for a priority purple docking request." Ivanova said, deflecting the question.

Douglas passed her a handkerchief from his pocket.

"Attention Babylon 5. This is the CNV Ark Royal. We have onboard a Captain Susan Ivanova of Earth Force and request priority purple docking procedures." Douglas's voice had changed to have a slight edge to it.

"You think that will get their attention?" Douglas said.

"Attention CNV Ark Royal this is Babylon control, could you repeat that request?" came a voice over the speakers.

Ivanova recognised Lieutenant Colwin's voice over the speaker.

"May I?" She asked.

Douglas nodded.

"Colwin, this is Ivanova. I reiterate the request for Ark Royal to be given purple docking privilege."

"Yes Ma'am. I'll inform Captain Lockley immediately." replied the voice, obviously startled.

"They're launching Starfuries." reported Clanwellin.

"It seems that we've said the wrong thing." Kelly Observed.

"You're an unknown." Ivanova said to Douglas. "You will be escorted in."

"Right, Gentlemen and Ms Kelly. " Douglas got the Crew's attention. "The Bridge Section will separate and dock with the station once we're close enough. " he decreed, "Only myself and the captain here are going abroad that station. Smith, we'll use the 'ol one-two' in order to check in and do not surrender Ark Royal under any circumstance."

"Aye Aye Captain." acknowledged Smith.

The Speaker came to life again, this time with a woman's voice.

"Attention Ark Royal, We need confirmation of Captain Ivanova before we can allow your docking request to be processed."

Douglas looked at Ivanova,

"They don't believe that you're with us." He said wryly, "Any idea's on how to make them trust us."

She glared at him and raiser her wrist showing the link on the back of her hand. She turned it to her face and pressed a button on it.

"Ivanova to Babylon Control, Please validate this signal."

The link bleeped and then the same female voice confirmed.

"We read you Captain." It said, "You will be escorted in meet me in my office when you report in."

"Captain Lockley, This ship is going to split apart, only the command section will be docking with one other occupant, a Captain Douglas of the Ark Royal."

"Confirmed, Security will meet you in docking bay 13."

Ivanova grimaced and terminated the link. Looking over at Douglas' display, she could see a full squadron of Star Furies take up escort position around Ark Royal.

"Well, they are certainly taking no chances." observed Douglas.

"If I was still in command, I wouldn't." replied Ivanova

Douglas signalled for the crew to clear the bridge, as the station grew large on the board.

"Where would be a good place to park the ship?" he asked.

"About 3km off to the starboard."

Douglas personally manoeuvred Ark Royal into position.

"Smith. You ready?" he asked his command station.

A small picture of Smith appeared on the workstation's screen.

"Sir, we have the secondary bridge ready," he said

"Good. As we discussed earlier Mr Smith."

"Aye Aye Sir." Smith signed off.

Douglas hit a couple of switches and there was a soft hiss from further back in the ship. Ivanova noticed the gravity had gone. Douglas moved the ship forward and round to the front of the station. He began to match rotation with the Station. Ivanova noticed he was humming the 'Blue Danube' waltz. She decided to say nothing. The wedge like command section effortlessly entered into Babylon 5.

As the automatics to guided the ship it's bay, Douglas turned back to Ivanova.

"I take it Bay 13 is not good." He said.

"Well, not really. Superstitious really. The Vorlon Ambassador's ship used to be berthed there." She answered, "The crew used to say it was haunted. It's kept clear for emergency only."

The ship was brought level with the docking bay. Douglas got up and reached underneath the workstation. He pulled out his cap and put it on; he also pulled out his old Identi-card. He didn't know how these people were going to react to a telepath who was supposed to be dead for almost twenty years. He shrugged and put it in his pocket.

Ivanova picked up the two cases containing the warlock's logs. They were very heavy in her hands and she struggled with them a little. Douglas though of helping but after her reaction in the medical bay he dismissed the idea. The door opened and light glared in. Both of them could see about twenty to thirty men all in full battle armour all of them pointing PCG rifles at them

"Oh Oh!" said Ivanova.

"Always nice to get a warm welcome." said Douglas grimly.

Both of them were escorted by these security guards, Ivanova tried to recognise any of them but their faces were hidden by their visors. She got an unsettled feeling in her stomach. The only time she'd seen this level of security was, when the Psi-Cop Bester came to visit. Something didn't add up here. What worried her even more was that she thought that Security Chief Zack Allen would be here.


They were matched through the familiar corridors, to Ivanova. It was like she had never left. She fought for control and barely made it. She noticed Douglas occasionally looking over, but she could make her mind up whether he was concerned about her or the situation.

They arrived at the Captain's Office. It was a spacious office with the EA logo at the back. At the main door were two guards in full battle dress. Behind the desk stood Captain Lockley, a tall and exotic looking woman, and next to her stood Zac Allen. Ivanova felt relieved to see a familiar face. Zac started to smile once he saw her but a glare from Lockley stopped him.

Ivanova stopped in front of the desk set the cases down, came to attention and saluted.

"Captain Ivanova reporting." She said.

Lockley returned the salute.

"There is no need to be formal. Captain." She said.

"I wasn't sure about that after the reception." Ivanova replied, "May I present Captain Douglas of the Commonwealth Navy Vessel 'Ark Royal'!"

Lockley nodded at Douglas, who saluted in return.

"Yes, from our scans, quite a little firecracker." Lockley said returning her attention to Ivanova, "Where's your ship Captain?"

"Destoryed." There was no way that Ivanova could think of to soften the blow. Lockley looked stunned. Zac Allen was the first to break the silence.

"She was supposed to be the pride of the fleet." He said, "How?"

"These logs will provide a full explanation." she said, pointing to the two cases on the floor, "But the short version is we were attacked by a flight of, what seemed to be, corrupted white stars."

"Corrupted?" Lockley looked sceptical.

"They were the wrong colour, used the wrong tactics and didn't use all their weapons. They were not being flown by rangers." Ivanova reaffirmed her opinion.

"Not by the ships similar to the one you've flown in on." queried Allen.

"No." Ivanova was unsure where this was leading.

Lockley turned to face Douglas.

"As of this moment Captain Douglas here is under arrest…" she said.

"WHAT!" said Ivanova and Douglas together.

"and Captain Ivanova is suspended from duty and will be held, pending an investigation."

The two guards levelled their weapons at Douglas.

"Empty your pockets." ordered Lockley." I'm not allowing any leeway for you."

Douglas, who had been standing at attention, pulled open all his pockets to show they were empty and, with a grimace, pulled out his Identi-card. Ivanova looked over at Allen, who shook his head. There would be a way to find out what happened later.

"What's this?" asked Lockley.

"Captain P. H. Douglas. Earth Force. Serial number 00710549. That is all I'm permitted to say at this moment. I am also to consider myself a prisoner of war." He replied, locking eyes with Captain Lockley.

"Computer Run Check on Captain Douglas." ordered Lockley.

"Search Found."

Ivanova stared at Douglas shocked. There had been no mention by Lennier or Douglas that he was in Earth Force.

"Captain Douglas." reported the Computer, "Last known in Command of the Cruiser 'Athena'. Missing in Action 2249 as part of Task Force BG. Details on task force BG are classified."

Lockley looked uncomfortable as she read through the rest of the read out.

"You've been missing quite a while, Captain. care to explain." Lockley caustically remarked.

"I'm under orders." Replied Douglas, "I will allow you to take a DNA sample to prove who I am, other than that I will reiterate, Captain P. H. Douglas, Earthforce, Serial number 00710549"

"Well I'm under orders as well Captain. Brig both of them." Ordered Lockley.

"Both." Allen sounded aghast.

"Mr. Allen. I gave you an order."

"Yes, but…"

"Mr Allen!" Lockley looked as if she was about to loose her temper.

"Sorry, Captain." He said to Ivanova and pointed out of the door.

Ivanova glared at Lockley, who held her gaze for a few seconds before looking down at her desk. She got the impression that Lockley, not only didn't like her, but borderline hatred was a more accurate portrayal of her feelings. She let Allen lead her away. It seemed that she'd lost her ship and career in less that a week and wondering what else could go wrong.

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