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It is the year 47241 After the Great Plague (AGP), it has generally been accepted that during the time of the Great Plague some three hundred years or so of wars, famine, disease, general wanton destruction and pandemonium that humanity had to change its ways. As did several other juvenile alien races of the time period, as a direct result of humanities interferences. This is well documented by the surviving juvenile and elder races and won't be covered in extensive detail.

This tumultuous period basically showed the worst in humanity when desperation struck, several of the elder races were more than just shocked and disgusted by their actions and promptly left this realm of existence, no one is sure at what juncture they left or where they went to, but of the elder races that have remained none seemed to be too bothered about their leaving.

The road to recovery for humanity was harsh, as many of the juvenile races were made extinct by humanities desperation direct or indirect, and humanities losses were not small either, over ninety percent of their star systems and well over ninety eight percent of their population in that period were for lack of a better word annihilated. Scores of star systems were simply destroyed in plain arrogance there were several acts of genocide on all parties that were directly involved. Probably the highest death rate and extinction rate amongst sentient species this galaxy has ever borne witness to. So claims a couple of the eldest races that remain with us on this the ultimate celestial panel.

No one is certain why humanity suddenly and seemingly went insane especially after having reached their true golden age which had they not ruined by this period of inexplicable behaviour would have afforded them membership into the elder races league and thus its awesome repertoire of resources and knowledge.

Thus I Fransisca Stammel would like to submit the following evidence to the court of the remaining elders; that humanity despite their troubled past; have at last done something worthy to have the sanctions we imposed on them revoked, as an acolyte to the Guild of Watchers I feel it is time that we resume our relations at the same level we granted them pre-Great Plague.

Fransisca submits a memogram to the Elder Celestial Court regarding the recent developments and advances to humanities Long Range Universe Stabilization project.

She continued to provide more extensive evidence regarding a certain event, which was thought of as completely benign at the time, when in reality it was far from it. The details of the said event were patchy at best, for a full scale extra-stellar war erupted halfway across the that star cluster without any meaningful reason, the violence seemed to spread like plague on a wind, thus the name Great Plague was bestowed on the time period, hence records of that event were practically lost to that war. Some sort of mechanism was found, but beyond that nothing is known other than the fact it brought forth pure chaos.

Unfortunately preliminary reports indicate that the same precursors that led to the discovery of the said artefact the first time, seem to imply that it may have been found again. I also believe this very same event is what caused the first Great Plague. We cannot afford to let them experience this galaxy as outcasts for eternity, it is a miracle they managed to stop it the first time, this time we should help them before history repeats itself. There is still time but not much. Even this the court of the elders, which exists in a place were time's movements can be altered as compared to the realm of the humans, must deal with this situation with the greatest of speed, hesitancy could prove disastrous.

I feel the consequences of exterminating them could well be as severe to us as it was for them when they faced this plague alone; it's best we help them, last time we stood and watched from the sidelines. I appreciate this is a very difficult decision and one that will stretch our resources and our abilities to the limits, just as it did during and after the Great Plague but I'd rather it was them and not us that bares the blame and brunt for the impending calamity that is probably going to be called the second great plague if it escapes from containment. Except it will probably be worse this time around as humanity has far greater power and knowledge than it had during the first great plague and even now despite the awesome set backs they suffered from the first plague, they seem to even rival some of middle members of elder races and in a few cases they surpass them in certain key attributes.

Admittedly it is with disgrace that we only just found out about this event and the artefact but it is hoped with co-operation it will be handled better this time around, maybe this time for good, but we are unsure to what it signifies except suffering nor do we truly comprehend it, it seems we have only a few hours to make our choice. It is acknowledged that we have never truly witnessed this event at its fullest or even in partial detail, nor do we understand how or why it happened or indeed why it seems to be happening again but rest assured; the following report by the Guild of Watchers summarizes what we believe is the inflexion point of which we speak of.

Unfortunately the situation has progressed too far to be reversed, granted even with our combined abilities it would have been impossible to predict phenomena such as these let alone reverse them. It must be noted that we of the Watchers Guild are unsure and are currently unable to ascertain how tightly coupled the event and this artefact are to one another, we could well be looking at something paradoxical, in which case the fact we know of it could be enough for it to happen regardless, one thing is clear to us, damage control is of the foremost importance now. I do not need to point out what happened during the fateful Andromeda Paradox.

The report is in chronological order from the point of no return and is basically composed of the memories of the humans and their more exotic creations that we were able to extract memories from. We have a constant live feed from these individuals as well as our recent spy grid network having being upgraded to the point where we can at least listen to the changes in other realms concurrently, so this time we will have a complete and accurate record of what will have happened. The Watchers Guild must say one thing before viewing the report, parts of it may be very distressing and some events make the more scary rumours and legends of the Great Plague have more credibility than we could have ever imagined. As always be prepared to feel slightly disorientated, it is some what nauseating but it will pass, they are alien to us after all. This is only the first part of the report; the rest will be compiled once we decide our course of action. The final report will reflect this, should we get the chance to survive this and create one.

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