The Meeting by Duncan Day

The Meeting and Out in the Cold in PDF Format .

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Modders are people who can see beyond what is, to what might be, when they look at a computer game. They are visionaries and artists, whose medium is code. From small tweaks, to complete engine overhauls, people that modify games are the true makers of gamers’ games. They aren’t afraid to look under the hood of a game, tinker with it, and make it something new. They also happen to be the fertile soil from which the future of the computer gaming industry grows. Wise game development shops recognize this, and encourage it. This work of fiction, set in the Independence War universe, is dedicated to the people who love these games, and who work to make them better. I don’t write code, so I write stories. This story is dedicated to modders of all stripes, everywhere. But most especially it is dedicated to those individuals who have written , are writing, or will write mods for the Independence War games.

A note to the reader:

This story takes place at the time of the Independence War, during the latter weeks of March, and in early April, 2268. It coincides with the timing of the Dreadnaught’s famed “Precision Factor”, “Rebus”, and “Conspiracy” Missions. However, this story makes reference to numerous other characters, places and events from game from around that time (see if you can spot them all!), as well as some original concepts designed to fit into the Independence War universe. Although the story itself is copyrighted ©2003 by Duncan Day (myself), it makes use of licensed material and thus is not publishable without acquiring licensing rights. As such, I present it to you, the community of fans, as a gift.

This story is the result of many hours of hard work. It will be the last writing project I set in the Independence War universe. It began as a short story in the early autumn of 2002, and at the time of its completion more than one year later, it is best described as a full-length science fiction novel. I recognize that reading an entire novel on a computer screen may be harsh on one’s eyes, so for those who would like something more permanent in their I-War memorabilia collection, I will make easy-to-read print and bound hard copies available at cost. Contact me by email for particulars if you wish to receive your own printed copy of this novel.

You are also invited to write me with comments, feedback, or accolades: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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