Just Desserts, by Issalzul Syde

I had just acquired my new Advanced Patcom, and wanted to test it out, so I targeted Baal's L-point for my run. Not wanting to start off overconfident and get myself killed, I set my sights on a Maas convoy, two escorts, two freighters. With all the upgrades I had, plus some shiny new PBCs, It took me a minute to dispatch the two interceptors. The loot was good; A few exotics, one or two ores, and some other common stuff. Just seconds after I called Jafs, A second convoy jumps in; more Maas pickings. I was very close to the exit, so I had time to strike the freighter before escorts came in. This time the escorts were stting ducks, since they just jumped out. Scratch two corvettes. It had more great cargo; more exotics, and a lot of trade items. And on cue, another freighter came in. Same drill: shoot freighter, kill helpless escorts, grab loot. This went on for half on hour, with larger convoys being brought all the time.

For the past few hits, I didn't call in Jafs 'cause they came in just too fast, and I had a lot of escorts to deal with. Once everything cleared, I took a look at the L-point and it was surrounded by cargo waiting to be picked up. Finally the motherload came in: a Megafreighter just came out. Quite full too. Thinking of the loot this could add, I proceeded to target my turrets and main guns to the prize. 6 interceptors came in just as he released his cargo, and I engaged its escorts. After managing to stay alive for a the first few seconds, I heard explosions. I thought it was a Petrel exploding, but it kept on exploding. Then it hit me: the Megafreighter. I forgot to tell my t-fighters to cancel the attack on it. I watched in horror as it exploded and took the cargo of at least 10 freighters with it. It was all good cargo also; exotics, computer parts, hardware... I killed off the remaining Storm Petrels after a lengthy battle. I inspected what was left of the cargo. Only 5 pods remained, so I opened them up, desperate. Frozen Sewage. Nothing but pods of Sewage.


The Never Ending Supply, by Ephemeriis

I had just acquired my shiny new cap drive, and had gone off to explore the Coyote system. I was on my way to talk to that ambassador on the Brotherhood Arc, and passed through the Chickasaw L-Point. Just as I exited the L-Point, I saw two megafreighters make a horrible mess in front of me. Cargo pods were flying everywhere. Not being one to pass up a free lunch when I see it, I dutifully set about opening up all those mega-cargo pods and calling in Jafs. While Jafs was in the process of picking everything up, I watched in amazement as a couple more megafreighters came through the L-Point and crashed into each other.

Well, I opened up these new pods, tagged them, and called for Jafs again. A little while later, more freighters colliding. I wound up sitting at this L-Point for well over an hour, just opening cargo pods and calling Jafs in. The only shots I had to fire were to open up the mega-cargo pods. Being new to the system, nobody was hostile towards me. I just sat there and scooped up piles of cargo pods, one after another. Eventually I went back to Lucrecia's, just for fear that something would go wrong and I'd wind up losing my loot. As soon as I get a few of these objectives complete though, I'm going right back to that L-Point. Best part of it? They were all Maas megafreighters!


Taking Blue Note for a Ride, by Vander

Here's a funny one for ya. I was in Firefrost, about to dock to the Blue Note Social Club with the dock autopilot already engaged, when my ship was disrupted by a police interceptor for a "routine check". Well, before the nterceptor docked, my ship started back up and proceeded to dock to the station. Then about a second after I docked to the station, the interceptor docked to the port on the other side of my patcom. About halfway through my conversation with the chick at the station, the interceptor undocked and sent my ship spinning. At least I THOUGHT it was just my ship spinning. But when I switched to the external view, I found that I was still attached to the station, and it was spinning like crazy too!

After a few seconds the station stabilized itself (again, or so I thought) and I tried to undock, but then I found my ship wouldn't undock from the station. I didn't get an error message or anything, my undock command simply wouldn't do anything. Out of frustration I turned my joystick, and found to my very considerable surprise that the ship responded! So here I was, flying around the Firefrost system with the Blue Note Social Club attached to my back! It didn't even drastically affect my ship's handling, it was pretty much like the effect of having a pod attached to your ship. I didn't take any screenshots since you wouldn't see anything unusual, just my ship docked to the station, but it was pretty damn funny!


PODS: I Think Therefore I Am, by Quantum Ghost

OK I received a distress call right, so I zoom off and collect the cargo that was dropped because I didn't quite get there in time **cough cough oops** and call jafs in to get it.

He has loaded it all up and then all of a sudden he says "Its too hot around hear for me" and drops all the loot and buggers off! And no there were no enemy contacts on the scanners.

As if this was not weired enough, after he dropped the cargo all the pods stayed dark blue.

Having tried to get jaffs to come and get all this loot again and have him say "there is nothing to pick up there" I did what anyone would do.......start shooting.

This is where it gets realy weired..... Once a pod got to 2 red bars (which was as low as they would go even with 20 seekers shot at them) of health left it turned red (enemy) and started to fly away!!! That's right the cargo was buggin' out !?!?!

Then to cap it all off I then decided to have a go at using my new navy aggressor shield to kill these indestructable pods and passed right through them without the shield even triggering and with no dammage or sound.

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