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1080p Cinema 1080p Cinematics HOT

Original cinematics from Independence War 2 upscaled to 1920x1080 and remastered with AI learning.

Note: This file is very big and the download might get interrupted on slower connections - click this link if you need an alternative download method.

Created Sunday, 13 February 2022 13:59
Changed Friday, 03 March 2023 18:24
Size 1.53 GB
Author Zazzypantz
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Oh and just to clarify: "Zazzypantz" & I are one and the same (admin got the ZIP file direct from the Discord server and used my then-Discord handle as the author in lieu of my site account when uploading it here)
Thanks for the heads-up!

I see what happened. Toward the end of the conversion process (I made multiple versions, each trying at first just to get the BIK files to play, followed by lowering file size while maintaining video quality and getting the audio to work). I split the audio at one point and then re-added it to each successive attempt when lowering file size. Unfortunately, it looks like I mixed up the two audio file names! Not sure how the double audio happened, though.

Thankfully, I think these are "serviceable" issues that won't impact gameplay too much. I had several people on the I-War Discord test these before they were posted here & nobody noticed the problems, so hopefully most don't have as keen of an ear as you! I'd just re-upload these corrected but I'd have to submit a request manually to the admin who would then need to upload the file all over again, and I really don't want to be a bother like that. :-)
Love the Upscaled cinematics, but there like 2 audio issues I've noticed.

youngcalshutdown.bik: double audio, I can hear is exaggerated exhale twice, the first one is on time with Cal's exhale but a bit muted with the second one starting just as Cal finishes the exhale.

oldCalshutdown.bik: Wrong audio, its the audio from youngcalshutdown complete with exhale which oldCal doesn't do.
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