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zip0Buda5 Interface by Indie HOT
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Changes the rotating Dreadnought into whitestar etc. in the IWar start screen.

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Buda5 Minbari War Trailer. Credits: screen captures and video compiling by The Merciful, CGI Indie (Sharlin) & Conor Clancy (Hyperion).

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This sound pack is required to play Minbari War.

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Here you can download images to replace the images used when the game is loading. Unzip them the same way as you do for the models and campaigns. It is advised that if you want to save the original images, you should back them up. You will find LoadScrn16.pix in the Particle Systems/independence war folder and the LoadScrn.pix in the Particle Systems/independence war/psg/resource/art folder.

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Starfury Nav-station template for software mode - by Bolodin. Copy the file in the /psg/resource/art -directory and let windows overwrite the old Nav.PCX. You may want to back-up the old file first tough. Doesn't work in Glide mode.

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Here is another Starfury Nav-station template for software mode - sent to us by Mark. Install as above, but also replace the test_0.gui file because some of the controls are relocated. Doesn't work in Glide mode.

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