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AeroSpace Simulation Pro AeroSpace Simulation Project HOT

This is the main deployment pack for the Aerospace Simulation Project.

The game currently starts you in a Clan setting. Launching deep strike missions from the hidden starbase Ursa Major, your goal is to protect the Periphery region of the Ghost Bear Dominion. Your primary targets are pirates, bandit caste settlements, and of course the Comstar Explorer Corps vessels.

Installation guide:

Because ASP can only be installed as a static mod, please be very careful.
Follow these steps closely, if you are not accustomed to the inner workings
of EOC.

The first step is to upgrade your I-WAR 2: Edge of Chaos to version 14.6. I
recommend that you install the Jackson Yard patch as well.

After patching has been completed, go to your EOC directory. Locate the
folder "resource", and rename it to "resource2" (or anything you deem
appropriate for a backup). Rename the "saves" folder to "saves2". Extract
the "asp.rar" archive with Winrar3 (or newer) into your EOC directory,
preserving the directory structure of the archive.

If everything checks out, you will now have a new "resource" and a new
"saves" directory, and some files that were copied into the "mods"
directory. If you already have these mod files, you can safely tell Winrar
to overwrite them. The "saves" directory now contains only one file,
"savegame1.sav". You could copy back the contents of your original saves
folder, but don't overwrite "savegame1.sav", because you will have to load
this to start your game.

Start EOC, go to the Mods menu, and activate the free form and the
multimod. The crosshair is optional . Go to Load game, and load the
phoenix savegame. You should arrive at the main screen of the game (we call
this the GUI; graphical user interface). Some clan aerospace fighters, and
the Achilles assault ship are available for patrolling.

If you encounter troubles, revert to the original and repeat the process.
If the installation fails repeatedly, contact the author.

Reverting to Edge of Chaos:
Rename the "resource" and "saves" directories to "resource_asp" and
"saves_asp". Then rename back "resource2" and "saves2" to "resource" and
"saves". This will restore the configuration of EOC to the original state.
You can later switch to ASP again by reversing this renaming process.

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