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The Battlespace Edge of Chaos Mod

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A collection of mods from the Babylon 5 series. These mods are essentially tasters of a complete campaign mod which was under development, but never finished.

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This partial conversion mod allows the player to enter the occupation of an independent asteroid miner in the Sol System.

Features of the mod include a new solar system, new player base screens, large asteroid fields, ability to land on planets, tons of different technologies to help a miner, built-in manual, and a new soundtrack with music from

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High Resolution Texture Modifications by Lard.

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Mods made by the developer of the game, Particle Systems.

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Mods that do not work with the latest patch for EoC.

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Torn Stars (formerly Epic: Middle States) is an epic space simulation set in the war torn and ravaged Middle States star cluster.


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