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This is the main deployment pack for the Aerospace Simulation Project.

The game currently starts you in a Clan setting. Launching deep strike missions from the hidden starbase Ursa Major, your goal is to protect the Periphery region of the Ghost Bear Dominion. Your primary targets are pirates, bandit caste settlements, and of course the Comstar Explorer Corps vessels.

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Five capital ships await you in this extension of ASP. Fly different dropships or even the mighty Essex class warship. Do you think, that your job will be easy? They pack a really heavy punch, but control will be difficult. And are you prepared the fast aerospace fighters? [Read the enclosed install guide carefully]

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Are you an Inner Sphere pilot? Or, do you want to be? Comstar takes you for a risky mission. Engage clan fighters from the recently captured Ghost Bear base, with a clan IFF transponder. Sneak close, and open fire! [Read the enclosed install guide carefully]

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