Mission 1 Home Sweet Home
Overview: After witnessing the death of your father, you are forced to leave home by Clay. The mission starts with you near Hoffer`s Gap.

1) The first part of the mission is a tutorial from Clay. Clay will first direct you to the contact list and get you to approach his waypoint.

2) Upon completing this, Clay will explain about inhibit fields around stations. This will lead to an explanation of how to use autopilots.

3) The first autopilot involves selecting a target and engaging the approach pilot. Upon completion of this, Clay will introduce the formate autopilot and get you to activate the formate autopilot with a vessel. The final stage is to dock to the abandoned hulk around Hoffer`s Gap.

4) Once the autopilots have been completed, Clay will instruct you to leave Hoffer`s Gap and approach Griffon. This must be done by bringing up the star chart and selecting it. Then engaging approach.

5) Once you've arrived at Griffon, Clay will explain about Lucrecia`s Base and tell you to approach the Effrit around Hoffer`s Wake Alpha.

6) Once you have reached the edge of the Effrit, Clay will tell you that in order to find the exact location of the base, you will have to follow a sequence of waypoints with increasing densities of asteroids around them.

7) Once you reach the base, the mission is complete.

Mission 2 Proving Grounds
Overview: Before Clay will let you out in the Storm Petrel, you must complete the training course situated near Lucrecia's Base.

1) Fly to the Training Ground Waypoint.

2) The player will be told the rules and asked what they wish to do. Select fly the course.

3) Clay will count the player in and, on go, the player must fly through the ring situated around the waypoint that will appear on the contact list (the first of these waypoints being waypoint 1.)

4) Once the player flies to this waypoint, the next will be highlighted, and so on to the end of the course.

5) Also along the course, (at intervals of every 3rd ring) is a target. These should be shot as you fly round the course, otherwise a penalty will be added to the time at the end for every target missed.

6) After the last ring has been flown through, Clay will tell the player the course is over and tell them if they have passed or failed. The course must be completed within 3 minutes to pass with a 5 second penalty being applied for each missed target

7) If you achieve a new fastest time, this will be saved and can be viewed by flying back to the training ground waypoint at the start of the course and selecting hi-score.

8) This mission can be re-tried at any time by flying to the training ground waypoint at the start of the course.

Mission 3 Grand Tour
Overview: Clay decides to show you the sights of Hoffer's Wake in your new ship.

1) Clay will prompt you to fly to the first location; Touchdown (this will come up in the contact list.)

2) Once you get close to this location, Clay will introduce you to Touchdown.

3) You will be approached by members of the Stepsons who will introduce themselves and welcome you.

4) After this, you will be intercepted by a group of 2 thugs who will fire upon you. You should destroy these ships. During this time Clay will provide tactical information relating to dog fighting.

5) Once the 2 ships have been destroyed, you will then be alerted to the fact they called for backup and you will be set upon by a number of ships. You can choose to dodge as much as you like or join in with the action as a number of friendly vessels appear on the scene and start helping.

6) Once the aggressors have been destroyed, you will be introduced to the leader of the ships that aided you; Wolfgang Spielmann. He will offer to help upgrade your ship if they visit him at Charlesworth Freighter Dept. This leads into the next mission.

Mission 4 Errand Boy
Overview: You visit Charlesworth and meet Wolfgang Spielman who will help you upgrade your ship in exchange for doing some work.

1) Clay will remind you of the job offer Wolfgang gave in the tour and a waypoint for Charlesworth Freighter Station (Wolfgang's home) will appear on your contact list; fly to this.

2) As you get close to the station, Wolfgang will hail you and request that you dock; dock to the station.

3) Once docked, you can initiate conversation. Ask about the job offer and then when asked if you are interested select yes. You will be asked to pick up a package from a ship waiting around the Alexander L-point.

4) Fly to the Alexander L-point. You will see a vessel called the 'Princeton'. When you get close it will hail you and tell you to dock; dock to it.

5) Once docked, the ship will tell you to take the package to the Junkers at the Junkyard. Undock and fly to the Junkyard.

6) Close to the Junkyard are two Junkers. When you get close to the vessel marked mission critical (it appears light blue on your contact list), it will hail you and tell you to drop the package off by docking to it. Dock to the vessel.

7) Once docked, the vessel will tell you that they have sent word back to Wolfgang. Undock and head back to Charlesworth Freighter Depot. and dock again. Once docked, Wolfgang will thank you and you can ask about the second job offer. Select yes when asked if you are interested and Wolfgang will ask you to retrieve some cargo from a vessel called the 'Belrano' and will send you a waypoint to its location. Undock from the station and fly to the intercept waypoint.

8) At the Waypoint destroy the Belrano and its escort to get the vessel to release its cargo. Pickup the cargo and fly back to Charlesworth Freighter Depot. Note: Once the Belrano has dropped its cargo, the police will be summoned; either fight them off or make a run for it.

9) Once back at Charleworth, Undock the cargo and dock back to the station. Wolfgang will thank you and reward you. Mission complete.

Mission 5 Junkyard Challenge
Overview: From the previous mission, you will have been told (and witnessed) the fact that a reactor required to get the base online, is present in the Junkyard. This mission is the chance for the player to acquire it and power up the base.

1) Once you leave the base, Clay will prompt you to head for the Junkyard.

2) As you get close to the Junkyard, Clay will point out the patrols around the yard.

3) You should be able to see the reactor placed close to the junkyard, in order to get the required fuel rods, the player must carefully approach and dock to the reactor to claim them.

4) To do this, you must carefully approach the reactor. The greater your thruster usage, and the closer to the patrols you get, the brighter you will appear to the patrols and so the more likely they will be detected. If you move into the detection range of a ship, Clay will warn you and you will have 5 seconds to get out of range before the alarm is sounded.

5) Once you have successfully made it through and docked to the reactor, the fuel rods will be transferred and you can move off.

6) Once you undock from the reactor, the alert will be sounded and you will have to make a run for it. At this point, you should have disrupters so a useful tactic is to take out as many of the vessels as possible this way before running.

7) Once you reach the Effrit, the pursuer vessels will no longer be able to follow and the mission will be a success.

Mission 6 Nemesis
Overview: You are charged with recovering a drone from your father's lockup to complete repairs on the bases' shielding while Clay is making some adjustments back at the base.

1) Upon entering space, Clay will inform you that they now have the required location and access codes to recover the drone.

2) The first thing to be done is to select Hoffer's Gap from the star map and fly towards it.

3) Once you get in range of Hoffer's Gap, a waypoint will be brought up indicating the location of the lockup. Dock to the item marked 'Felix Johnston's lockup'.

4) Upon docking, you will be approached by Caleb Mass and two of his bodyguards. After Caleb engages you in conversation, a cut scene will start up showing you being disrupted and taken away by the police.

5) This is the end of Act Zero Prelude.

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