Mission 6 The Trouble With Gunstars
Overview: After the recent attacks by Marauders upon Hoffer's Gap, a call is made for improved defences in the area around the Gap. The Stepsons managed to locate some disused Gunstars and ask you to claim them for the cause.

1) Go back to base read the e-mail outlining the plan.

2) When you launch you will be prompted by Clay to fly to the waypoint you have been given, do so (the waypoint is called 'Abandone Base'.)

3) When you arrive at the base, dock to it (you will be prompted to do so as you get close).

4) Upon doing so, Smith will go aboard and accidentally activate all the gunstars.

5) Further dialogue will explain that you are safe on the station (the gunstars are programmed not to shoot at it), and the gunstars have intermittent power supplies. So if you can undock quickly while the power is off to a gunstar, you could dock and capture it.

6) Dock with all six gunstars in order to deactivate them, make sure you pick the best moment. While you are docked to the gunstars you should find you can't be shot by any of the other ones. Watch your contact list to pick out the next gunstar to deactivate. When the gunstars have power they will appear red on the contact list. The easiest next target is the one without power (appears yellow on the contact list) and that is near by.

7) After you have deactivated all six gunstars, a cut-scene will show Jafs in a mega-freighter to pick up the gunstars.

Mission 7 Showdown
Overview: Elmo Stepson e-mails you to say you forgot to give them the arming keys for the gunstars you retrieved in the last mission. They're setting the gunstars up and need the keys, so they ask you to deliver them to Hoffer's Gap.

1) When you've read the e-mail fly to Hoffer's Gap.

2) You'll notice that six gunstars now surround the base, and there's a fleet of ships flying round Hoffer's Gap.

3) Hoffer's Gap will ask you to arm the gunstars for them. To do this, dock to each gunstar in turn. Smith will give feedback on each successive dock.

4) Once three gunstars have been activated the Marauders attack. The group of Kong ships flying around the Gap become your wingmen.

5) Six marauder ships will approach, one to each gunstar. Their mission is to destroy the gunstars by disrupting them. This takes time, so you have a chance to shoot them before they destroy all the gunstars.

6) You also have a choice; shoot up all the marauders or dock to the remaining gunstars to get them online and help with the defences.

7) Once all the gunstars are destroyed (or after a time delay) the marauder mother ship will launch bombers that fly into Hoffer's Gap and bomb the reactor core. You must stop these fighters. Do this by shooting each fighter, and also by destroying the mother ship. You may have to fly into Hoffer's Gap to shoot the bombers. If Hoffer's Gap is hit too many times by bombers it will explode in a cut-scene.

8) When all marauders have been destroyed you've won.


Mission 8 League Initiation
Overview: The League, of which the Stepsons are part, has been impressed by your efforts against the Marauders. They send you an e-mail, asking you if you would like to join them. Their probationary mission takes the form of spraying graffiti on the flagship of the new Governor of Hoffer's Wake. This means you have to sneak into the military facilities at Memnon, which will be bristling with warships.

1) You will receive an e-mail inviting you to meet the League at a pre-arranged spot, after reading this, you will notice a League meeting waypoint in your contact list upon launch.

2) At this location a ship called 'Wilbert' will hail you and ask you if you want to join the League. Answer 'yes'. They explain the mission to you, saying that the flagship is at the Memnon Military Defence Dock, near the planet of Alexander. They will undock a small paint droid which you should pickup and take with you.

3) Go to the 'Memnon Military System Defence Dock' that you will see has been put onto your contact list. Once you are in range of the station, Smith tells you to head for the munitions store, do this.

4) Once close to the munitions store, undock the paint droid and remote link to it. From here, guide the droid slowly towards the flagship, which you will be able to see on the contact list, making sure you do not get too close to the ships patrolling around the station. Once you get close to the side of the flagship, a cut scene will kick in and you will see the graffiti on the side of the flagship.

5) After the cut scene you will find that you are back at your own ship. Don't forget the droid, if you re-link to it and fly it back to your ship then dock to it, you will be rewarded when you go back to the league.

6) At this point, you are ready to fly back to the League meeting point to let them know you've done it. Fly back to the League meeting point and you will be rewarded when you select 'yes' when asked if you completed the task.

Mission 9 Construction Yard
Overview: As part of the ongoing task of constructing Haven Station, the league hit on the idea of acquiring a local low orbit recovery (LOR) platform that would speed the construction of the station. They construct a plan, which would enable someone to obtain it so ask you to do the job.

1) Read the e-mail from the Stepsons and launch.

2) On leaving the base, the player should fly towards the League meeting waypoint.

3) Upon arriving at the league meeting point, you will be contacted by some league vessels, select yes when they ask you if you've come to get the platform.

4) A droid will be undocked that you must then dock to yourself.

5) Head towards the LOR Platform location waypoint.

6) As you get close to the location, a vessel will approach you and ask questions. Say you've come to speak to the Captain and then say you're an old friend.

7) The security vessel will set off back to the base. At this point you can undock your droid and remote pilot it towards the security station. This must be done carefully, if your thruster usage goes too high you will be warned by Clay. You should drop your thruster usage to prevent being spotted.

8) Once you get close head towards the habitation module, it's the huge rectangular one and should be labelled on your contact list. When you get close it will be 'cut off' from the station. The remote connection can then be terminated.

9) Fly the tug towards the LOR platform and dock to it. Once docked you will find you can remote connect to the platform and fly it back towards the League meeting point. The security forces will be alerted at this time so use your turret fighters for cover if you come under too much fire, this should be minimal if you managed to sever the habitation module as only one ship should attack!

10) At the League meeting point, get close to the League vessels to initiate dialogue then terminate the remote connection to the LOR platform and undock from it to complete the mission.

Mission 10 Lucrecia's Hoard
Overview: The League offers a reward to the finder of the fabled Lucrecia's Hoard, which is said to contain a mysterious object that a buyer has asked the League to recover for them. The player follows a trail of clues and finds the location of the hoard. However, NSO Laplace has found the player base and takes the crew hostage. The player must thwart NSO Laplace and retrieve the device.

1) You receive an e-mail from the League introducing the hunt for the alien artefact. On leaving the base, Clay tells you about a friend who may be able to help you in the hunt.

2) Travel to Hoffer's Heel Ship Park and dock to it, this location will be visible on your contact list.

3) Greet (do not threaten) Old Dulley on the ship park station. He will tell you that he gambled away the key that you need at Hoffer's Gap Entertainment Complex.

4) Go to Hoffer's Gap Entertainment Complex and dock to it. This is found in orbit around Hoffer's Gap on the star map.

5) Tell them who you are and what you want, you will be given the key you need to open the hoard.

6) Upon undocking, you will be told that a program Smith has written to triangulate the position of the hoard is ready back at your base.

7) Go back to the base and Smith will ask you if you want to try and determine the location of the device. To do this you need the exact time and date when the hoard was hidden. This information can be found on the Will left by Lucrecia Johnston that should be the first e-mail in your archive. Enter the time and date: 17:24 on 04/03/2331.

8) The device is near an asteroid called Zaius, but before you can act on this information, agents from NSO Laplace invade your base and take your comrades hostage against your delivering the alien device to them.

9) At the asteroid, you will be told to fetch the device from the hoard. As you approach the ice asteroid that Clay points out, you use the key to both reveal the alien artefact and activate a security system that attacks the NSO vessels. You must snatch the alien device and damage the lead NSO Laplace ship enough to force it to release your crew it is holding as hostages. Once docked, a cut scene will kick in to show you returning to base and then taking the device to the League where you sell it to them for a capsule drive. Once you've returned to base and fitted it to your ship you will be able explore the rest of the Badland's.

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