Note: This act is non-linear in format. This lists the missions present. The Story-Elements are attached to the missions as needs be, so their precise order can't be described.
Mission 18 Momma Wolf

Activation Info: System: Hoffer's Wake Prerequisites: + Completion of Act Two Mission 12.

Overview: You are asked to investigate how the Marauders are ambushing convoys. You take part as an escort charged with protecting a convoy in the hope of revealing the Marauders ambushing tactics.

1) Read the e-mail and launch from the base. Fly to the rendezvous waypoint.

2) If you are not in the Santa Romera system already, fly there.

3) Smith suggests the LDS drives have been affected by an LDSI field and will try to trace it.

4) You must fight off the first wave of Marauders, once this is done, Smith will complete the LDSI field trace, and give you a waypoint to it.

5) You fly to the LDSI waypoint and encounter a large vessel and several Marauder fighters.

6) You must first shoot and destroy all the umbilicals, connecting the smaller ships to the main vessel. To do this its best to turn aim assist off for the most effective fire, also cutting beams make this job easier. Once the umbilicals are destroyed, Smith points out that the main vessels shields are down. Shoot and destroy the main vessel and complete the mission.


Mission 20 Battle of Mwari

Activation Info: System: Santa Romera Prerequisites: + Completion of Act Two Mission 09. + You receive an email telling you pilots and a leader are needed. This is achieved by talking to the respective factions after you have completed a mission for them. These missions are: : Act Two Mission 3. Once the mission has been completed you will need to travel to the Eureka System Administration and talk to the Third Way Elder. Upon docking to the station, select the second dialogue option twice and the Third Way will pledge pilots to the cause. : Act Two Mission 2. Once this mission is complete, you need to head to Daru-el-Salam, the Oman Headquarters around the planet Jahim. Upon docking to the station, you can just ask for pilots and the Oman will help. : Act Two Mission 4. Once this mission is complete, you need to head to Sheriff Kane's station. the Firefrost System Administration that is around the planet Sunflower, a moon off Gefjon, which is around the Sun Firefrost III. Upon docking, you can request pilots. + To get a leader, you need to have been prompted by Clay of the identity of Frederick Jackson after reading the 'request for pilots e-mail' and the player base needs to have been moved to the Santa Romera System. The player must then fly back to Fredrick Jackson and talk to him. He is situated in Coyote at Jacksons Yard, a station around the planet Pennacook.

Overview: The MCA have been suffering repeated attacks from the Marauders, but instead of breaking their spirit the attacks have simply made them dig in further. The MCA shipbuilders have been stockpiling and hiding warships but the repeated attacks have sapped their manpower so badly that they cannot crew all of their moth-balled ships. The player uses their influence and contacts to gather a group of pilots from the other factions and take them through to the MCA to crew their ships. However, The Marauders spies find out about the plan and try to stop the convoy of pilots and crews from reaching the MCA and reinforcing them. The Marauders know that they have to stop the convoy at all costs. If the MCA can activate enough ships they can drive the Marauders from Mwari.

1) The MCA send you an e-mail once you have enough pilots, telling you that the fleet is gathering and awaits your arrival.

2) You head towards the rendezvous location at the Ritz in Santa Romera.

3) You make contact with the MCA base, and asked which L-point to jump to, either Pestur or Toad Skin.

4) You choose one of the L-points.

5) You jump through with the convoy following. Upon entering Mwari, you are attacked by Marauders. (You get more attackers if you come directly through the main L-point from Santa Romera.).

6) Once you have destroyed most of the Marauder vessels, the convoy will arrive at the L-point and ask you to escort the convoy to the MCA base.

7) En-route, the convoy is attacked several more times as it races to the MCA base.

8) Once at the MCA base the pilots are rushed to the waiting ships, which start coming online. The Marauders realise they are done for unless they can break the MCA now so they attack en mass. Depending on how many of the convoy vessels make it to the base determines the amount of MCA support you have around the base.

9) After beating off the wave of Marauders, you are told to dock to the station and are given an MCA constructed Heavy Corvette to pilot before the Marauders can regroup for a second attack.

10) You and any surviving vessels fight off a second wave of increasingly desperate Marauders.

11) Once the second wave is destroyed, your new ship malfunctions and you must wait while a repair vessel comes in to inspect the problem.

12) Once the problem is sorted, a third and final wave of Marauders comes in for the kill. At the last minute Franklin Hoffer and his battle fleet arrive to save the day. The Marauder fleet is crushed.


Mission 22 Wolfs Lair

Activation Info: System: Firefrost Prerequisites: + Completion of Act Two Mission 18 + Completion of Act Two Mission 5 (and thus giving you the hyper-space tracker).

Overview: Equipped with the hyperspace tracker, you are now capable of trying to uncover the location of the Marauder base and its associated facilities.

1) You need to be in the Firefrost system for the most direct route to the Marauder base. Find a Marauder vessel, the easiest way to do this is to do this is to fly to a distress call or follow them when they fly away from base attacks. As it runs, target it as it goes through an L-point results in the destination of the vessel being displayed. Following the Marauders from the area where they last jumped to and you will find they eventually jump to Dainn II L-point. This is an uncharted L-point and you will be prompted to investigate.

2) You should jump through the L-point to this location where you will here some dialogue and then be informed that there are approaching contacts. At this point you should head for the waypoint marked junk.

3) As you wait here, they will notice freighters jumping into the system and heading off.

4) If you are quick, you should be able to fly close to the freighters without being detected by the Marauder vessels and then follow it to its destination.

5) Once at the destination, you will find a marauder base and be prompted to investigate. You will notice that freighters are heading to a freighter yard then heading off again. Targeting one of these freighters and following them (using the hyperspace tracker) will allow the you to track them to the main marauder hiding post in the Dante system. At this point, you will be prompted to leave.

6) Escaping from the system will prompt the completion of the mission.


Mission 24 Hide and Seek

Activation Info: System: Dante Prerequisites: + Completion of Act Two Mission 23 Note: Act 23 was omitted from the game in final release and is not implemented, so this prerequisite is not required.

Overview: Before committing their forces into a fall on attack, the League decides to scout out the Dante System and the Marauder facilities there in. Its up to you to pilot a scout vessel to see what your up against.

1) You, with the aid of the League, hide the command section in a cargo pod, which is then taken through by Marauder mega-freighter to the Dante system. The small, stealthy command section has more of a chance to successfully scout the system than a larger ship, though it will have to be ferried out of the system by a rescue ship, as it has no capsule drive.

2) The League are aware of at least one other jump-point in the Dante system, but it is disused and the jump coordinates are no longer known. You must scout it out so that the League can find a back door into the system.

3) You must also take the opportunity check out the locations of the Marauder bases in the system, ready for the League to take them out.

4) First you must travel to the disused Faust-Alpha L-point. There is a waypoint for it on the contact list. The Sun is kicking out a lot of EM interference so the FTL signal can't get through. Smith says that he needs some way to boost the signal as the command section's FTL transceiver is not powerful enough. Clay suggests looking around the Marauder bases to search for ways to do this. He then discovers that there are six FTL transmission sources in the system. Some of them are likely to be close to Marauder bases. These FTL sources appear as waypoints on the contact list.

5) Three of the waypoints are the locations of comms relays. You discover that the remaining three are the locations of three Marauder bases.

6) The Marauder HQ is around the moon Avicenna Epsilon. The Marauders are working on an antenna array, and a spare antenna is floating there. Smith says that he could use the antenna, but Clay points out that you couldn't retrieve it without being detected. Smith suggests you steal a maintenance ship from somewhere to retrieve it.

7) Around the planet Malthus you discover the Marauder Shipyard. Worryingly the Marauders are working on a Cruiser, which would make the assault on the system very difficult.

8) Clay spots some maintenance flitters, and you dock to one. Smith 'hotwires' it so that it can be remote controlled. They tow it back to the HQ, and use it to retrieve the antenna, which you can dock to the command section.

9) You return to the L-point, only to find that the antenna is not enough. You need to boost the power output.

10) Around the moon Valia Beta there's a the Marauder cargo yard. Smith spots some pods of 'field generators', which he could use to boost the transmitter power output.

11) Clay points out that some cargo ships are inspecting the cargo. You will have to time it just right to dock to a pod of Field Generators.

12) When the field generator has been retrieved Smith wires it in and you return to the L-point. Smith transmits the signal successfully, and a ship is sent through to you.


Mission 25 Dante's Inferno

Activation Info: System: Dante Prerequisites: + Completion of Act Two Mission 24. The League is assaulting the Marauder system (Dante), and they've asked you to help them take out the three main marauder bases.

1) Jump to the Dante System, Faust-Alpha L-point.

2) Approach Hoffer's ship.

3) Hoffer says they're attacking the three main bases, and asks you to help wherever you can. He gives you some wingmen and says you can get more by flying back to him. You can do the next three sections in any order:

4a) Fly to the Marauder HQ. When there the League ask you to help them get the gunstars off-line, as they're projecting a field that's protecting the station.

4b) Smith discovers that the gunstars are being controlled via the station. If you continually target the station he can jam the signal. If the signal's jammed the gunstars go off-line and you can destroy them.

4c) Target the station and shoot the gunstars by turning aim assist off and manually firing at them. It's important to keep the station targeted otherwise the gunstars will shoot you.

4d) When the gunstars are destroyed, shoot the station to destroy it.

5a) Fly to the Marauder supply base.

5b) Defend the Destroyer that's charging its beam weapon from attack.

5c) Some cargo pods will open releasing marauder ships. Destroy the pods before the ships can launch.

5d) When the Destroyer takes out the station, you're free to go.

6a) Fly to the Marauder Shipyard.

6b) Smith notices the Cruiser you spotted from the previous mission now sports some disrupter generators, and the ship is charging its disrupter field. If it goes off the entire fleet will be disrupted!

6c) You need to destroy the umbilicals charging the Cruiser. Destroying the umbilicals will cause the station to explode.

6d) When the umbilicals have been destroyed the Cruiser will launch, but it's still charging its disruptor. Destroy it before its disruptor goes off.

7) When all three stations have been destroyed you'll be jumped via a cut scene to the L-point where the League is planning to leave the system.

8) However, a huge fleet of Maas and Marauder ships jump in, which reveals that Maas is in league with the Marauders. Maas makes a melodramatic speech and there's a massive battle.

9) Destroy the Cruiser and the rest of the fleet to complete the mission.

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