Act 3 Mission 6 - Smokescreen

Overview: Summary: Now that the navy fleet has been discovered, Frankie Hoffer decides to act before a massacre takes place. His plan is to approach the fleet with a flag of truce and to put an end to the conflict. The goal of this mission consists in making diversion to allow Hoffer to penetrate in the system of New Bavaria.

1) Your base from now on is in Formalhaut. You will receive a message explaining the situation there. Leave the base after having read it.
2) Franklyn Hoffer will wait close by for you with a fleet. When you contact him, he will hand you the command of the fleet and all your IFFS will adopt the codes of Maas.
3) You must then head for the Ozaki Maas Cluster Central HQ in Ishime.
4) There, you will encounter friends and enemies. Attack the enemies.
5) Once the enemies are detroyed or running, the rest of the mission will be played as dialogue.


Act 3 Mission 8 (07) Part 1 - Rescue Hoffer

Overview: Summary: The corpration steps up its propaganda campaign. The Marines arrives to reinforce the corpration's troops. This is very bad news. Hoffer has been kidnapped by Maas!

While returning to the base after the previous mission, you are contacted by a surviving vessel of Hoffers escort. He tells you that Hoffer has been kidnapped during an ambush. You are given his last known position in the Osprey system.
1) When you arrive at the escorts given waypoint, you locate remains of the ambush. Go there.
2) You will find the remnants of Hoffers escort as well as a survivor (the Flambe). You are informed of a MAAS trap. Be prepared for an attack by MAAS ships
3) Dock with the Flambe, you will be told of the past events and be given the encyption code of Hoffers vessel. When you undock, Smith will pick up a signal of this beacon and will display a corresponding waypoint to its point of broadcast. Go there.
4) There, you will discover that the origin of the signal is a vessel - a garbage ship. You will be able to interrogate the ship and will be able to learn that it came from the naval base in the New Bavaria system.
5) Once at the New Bavaria system, a waypoint indicating the site of the naval base will appear.


Act 3 Mission 8 Part 2 - Rescue Hoffer

Overview: Summary: New revelations concerning the Corporation plan. An alien invasion destroys the Marine fleet!

The alien device has been activated and a swarm of aliens invade the system. The aliens destroy the marine fleet. Frankie Hoffer is prisoner and that it is necessary to save him.

1) Choose New Bavaria and the mission will normally begin.
2) Look for Hoffer's vessel in the list of contacts and head towards it.
3) On your approach, you will see Caleb Maas's vessel, and the vessel of Hoffer along with many escort fighters.
4) Aim your vessel towards Hoffer's vessel and dock to it. Clay will inform you, that you have one minute to complete the task.
5) Hoffer's vessel will explode after the minute in question.
6) Leave this zone and head toward the Pepin L Point.
7) You will come into contact with a corporation vessel called the Grand Duke. The ship is out of control.


Act 3 Mission 9 - Antimatter Cordon

Overview: Summary: As you head toward Osprey, Hoffer leaves you, but asks you before he goes to escort some refugees. Accept this and cross the L - Point. Shortly after have passed the L - Point, one of the refugee vessels seems to be infected by the aliens and you witness the spectacle of the whole family succumbing to the infection. You decide to leave in a hurry.

In the instants that follow, the aliens spread through out the Gagarin cluster. Franklyn Hoffer decides a daring plan to save the humanity. He asks all refugees to assemble in Formalhaut, close to the jump accelerato. During this period, space becomes a hive of activity of refugee ships. You come across police who interrogate you, and ships attacking the refugee vessels.

1) In a message, the League will ask you to escort a carrier which they want to use to carry a quantity of antimatter from a base in Batatas.
2) Meet the carrier at the Formalhaut L - Point and escort, to the Batatas system.
3) Once you arrive at the station and take delivery of the antimatter. Head back to the Formalhaut L - Point.
4) The convoy will leave under LDS but, halfway, the carrier will hit an LDSi mine and will lose its LDS.
5) Waves of hotile Marauders will attack the convoy.
6) The captain of the carrier announces that he has energy problems. The disrupters have affected all systems on the vessel.
7) Suddenly, the captain will ask for help, he has an emergency because of the deactivation of his main energy feed. The antimatter confinement will collapse in less than one minute!
8) Clay will assist you in providing energy to the vessel.
9) You should dock your vessel to the carrier, this will allow the accumulators of the carrier to stop the deterioration of the antimatter confinement systems. If the system of confinement falls to 0%, the carrier will be destroyed by an immense explosion of antimatter.
10) You should also give the order to your wing to dock themselves to the vessel to increase the field of antimatter confinement.

  No vessel docked = slow decrease of the antimatter confinement;
  one docked vessel = steady confinement (the percentage doesn't vary);
  two docked vessels = slow increase of the confinement;
  three docked vessels = fast increase of the confinement.
11) You will have a difficult choice to make: it is necessary to defend the carrier but also to prevent the fall of the confinement field. You will have to balance between stopping the antimatter confinement field from collapsing and defending against hostiles.
12) You can expect several waves of two or three hostiles to attack. Between waves, you should dock as many of your wing to stop the carrier from exploding.
13) After defeating the waves of hostiles, can you fully restore energy on board the carrier continue on your way...
14) Once you have reached the L - Point. You will/may find the exit blocked by aliens, You need to release the antimatter container casing and send it in direction of the L - Point. When it's close to the L - point, detonate it to eliminate all aliens close by. You can then continue through the Formalhaut L- Point.


Act 3 Mission 10 - The End

Overview: Summary: Upon your return to Batatas, you will be asked to come to the aid of Marcus Devani (a former commander of the naval fleet) to establish defences against an alien attack. This consists of bringing several abandoned vessels to the perimeter of the jump accelerator in order to slow down the aliens. After having displaced the vessels, Hoffer suggests you return to your base (this has been brought closer of the jump accelerator). Smith gets very excited while installing antimatter weapons on the navy ships to fight the aliens. When you leave, there is a cinematic of finished defences.

After a moment, one of the defenders talks with you and Marcus. He asks you to go to the Christmas L - Point to bring support.

1) Go to Christmas L - Point (close to Lucca).
2) Once there, destroy all vessels infested by aliens that cross the L - Point.
3) Continue until you are asked to withdraw. Leave immediately and as quickly as possible. Returning to the defences.
4) You are told to dock to your base and read the final e-mail. You will receive an email informing you of the alien situation.
5) With it there is a note from Lemuel Smith, informing you of his plan to lure the aliens to a trap.
6) Jafs is key to Lemuel Smiths plan - no harm must come to him.
7) Launch, and protect Jafs from alien attacks as he lays antimatter bombs
8) When all 6 antimatter bombs are placed a cinematic is played and you return to the jump accelerator
9) Before you can leave several infected Maas ships, including Caleb, arrive and break the quarantine
10) Destroy all ships watch the final CGI

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