Act 3 Mission 1 - Corporates on the Run

Overview: Summary: If you are in the base, exit the base. The League takes advantage of the confusion within the corporation and their inactivity. The Kompira system is the corporations strategic point between the Badlands and the Santa Romera jump accelerator. The League's intention is to capture the security base of Najran, this is the centre of corporate communications and inteligence for the Kompira system. You receive a message while out in space.

1) Return to the base to read your email.
2) Go to the waypoint situated in the Kompira system.
3) Listen to briefing.
4) Go to the waypoint of the base of security.
5) Attack the base defences without destroying too many gunstars, until the Marine vessel docks itself at the station. After a moment, the gunstars will be deactivated.
6) Attack each wave of ships. The Marines will convert each of the gunstars to put them under the control of the League.
  a) If the Marines die before reaching this objective, it will be necessary for you to dock to the remaining neutral gunstars.
7) Once all the gunstars are converted, they can assist in your favour.
8) Attack the corporation ships until they are destroyed or run away. If you die, the mission will be a failure.
9) You will receive the thanks and congratulation from the League. Watch and admire the powerful vessels of the League as they arrive.


Act 3 Mission 2 - Clash of the Titans

Overview: Summary: Return to your base in order to see other elements of script: The corporation is beaten in the the Badlands, thanks to your heroic actions. The characters debate the implications of a withdrawal of the corporations. You are invited to attack more corporation vessels again. Your friends think that the corporation is doing a strategic withdrawal before letting the place to someone or something else. Leave the base to trigger the following mission.

Since you are ideally placed, Franklyn Hoffer sends you farther into the Santa Romera system in order to contact the government of the system and to make him an offer of help. You must convince the government to give you the activation codes of the defence fleet so that this mission can get under way.

1) The mission will begin at the Santa Romera base.
2) Choose the waypoint to the Liberty Government System Administration and go there.
3) On the way, you will be attacked by vessels of the corporation. These attacks will continue until you approache the waypoint.
4) On your arrival, You will be advised that the security of the station has been reinforced and that a diversion will be necessary.
5) Many enemies will appear on your list of contacts. If you don't disturb them, they won't notice you.
6) Look for a strange object in your list of contacts.
7) Approach the strange object.
8) You will learn that this is a Police Reactor Core, which can be used in your favour.
9) Dock to the core.
10) Clay will prepare detonation and will give you ten seconds to move away.
11) Undock from the core and move some distance away.
12) The core will explode and the various hostile vessels will move to investigate.
13) When they make their move, you make yours to the base and dock. You will then open a dialogue.
14) Keep a constant watch for more hostiles. Return to base.


Act 3 Mission 3 - Scavenger

Overview: Summary: Return to base. The corporation have withdrawn from the Coyote system, but have taken Santa Romera. Leave the base to trigger the following mission.

Maas Systems have abandoned the system Coyote and are leaving trail of destruction in their wake. Hoffer sends Call to the restricted zone of Coyote to discover what happened there. One of the asteroids situated around Ottawa seems especially interesting and Hoffer asks you to investigate.

1) Go to the system Coyote.
2) Head toward the asteroid of Maas research (Omega) situated around Ottawa.
3) On your approach, Smith will notice that the asteroid gives out strange radiations.
4) Inspect each of the satcomms until Smith tells you that he has found a satellite in working order. Wait for the cinematics and the clip audio.
5) While you study the data of the satellite, a cruiser and its escort will approach. Smith indicates a waypoint in order to hide you and to observe the surroundings.
6) The cruiser will drop mining loads in order to destroy the station (and you, in the process).
7) Smith will notice that the REM link of these loads is always active. Take the control of a load and use it to destroy the cruiser. Remain a good distance away from the load!
8) Destroy the remaining escorts.


Act 3 Mission 4 - Capture the Accelerator

Overview: Summary: You hear of an allied plan to attack the jump accelerator to the Badlands and to suppress the restocking of the corporation. It is a dangerous plan.


1) Return to Base and read email.
2) Dock to the mega-transporter that is close to the base of Lucrecia.
3) Wait to be transported through the jump accelerator.
4) Detach yourself from the mega-transporter. Your wing will emerge with their cargo.
5) The Marines will announce that their ship is stuck in its container pod. Look for thecontainer pod and pull it over until the vessel can escape it.
6) Escort the Marines to the jump accelerator until they dock to it.
  NOTE: The death of the Marines means the failure of the mission.
7) The Marines will announce that the accelarator has gone into lockdown mode, You will need to take down the field.
8) Pass through the jump accelerator to destroy the LDA fields. They are only vulnerable when they appear as individual targets.
9) Destroying one generator can instigate the collapse of the whole field
9) The mission will end with the destruction of all LDA fields. If you don't succeed in destroying the fields before the crossing of the fleet, the mission will be a failure.


Act 3 Mission 5 - Deep Cover

Overview: Summary: Remain in space for your next message: Your base has moved to the Formalhaut system. Return to the base. You will receive the following details: The total capitulation of the last corporation vessels of the Badlands takes place. Your team mates are delighted. Return to space to get more elements of the mission. You are shown the effect of anti - alliance propaganda. Some skirmishes take place with the Marines.

Rumours are abound that the fleet is amasing to attack the League. The fleets whereabouts must be found and quickly...

1) You receive a message indicating means to locate the fleet. You are given the waypoint to the position of a recognised group that seized a false IFF. You are also advised to use the tug so as not to attract too much navy attention. Your mission is to tap into navy communications.
2) Once you arrive at the waypoint, you will be asked to dock to one of the group vessels and you will be advised to go to the Naval STC Headquarters in the Owen system to get a clearance code. You will also find your opportunity to tap navy communications.
3) Once you have arrived at STC HQ, you will be approached by security vessels. They will ask you to dock at the STC for security clearance. Once docked your code will be given and permission to go to the tranceiver station.
4) The tranceiver station has four conduits.
5) Each conduit has a coloured light; Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. A re-router has to be attached to the data feed conduit. But which one?
6) Each transceiver has a different number of conduits. You identify the conduit by looking at the stations broadcast lights (which changes colour periodically). Once you re-route all transceivers you can go home.

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